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AP Colleges to get Job-oriented and foreign courses!

Chief Minister YS Jagan ahs directed to implement foreign courses and curriculum in the colleges in a high-level review meeting.
Foreign Courses

Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy has directed the officials to make the various courses offered by leading educational institutions abroad available to the students of the state. 

CM YS Jagan said that employment increases through certification courses for students. Skill centers should be available in every constituency to overcome skill shortage in solar parks, solar motors, panels repair etc. These should include courses, curriculum and training in this direction. Such courses should be implemented by next June. Colleges should have a uniform policy regarding permissions.

Below are the highlights of the review meeting

  • Focus on making foreign courses available in AP colleges
  • Courses should be tailored to industry requirements in respective districts
  • Tie up with organizations like National Stock Exchange for self employment
  • Green signal for filling up vacant posts in Higher Education Department
  • Idea of a special board for recruitment in universities
  • NAAC accreditation is mandatory for every educational institution
  • 175 skill centers one per constituency
  • Focus on in-demand courses like coding and cloud services

Job-oriented Courses

On Thursday, he conducted a review of the higher education department at his camp office. Speaking on this occasion, he suggested that the skills of the students studying degree courses should be increased and in this direction, the curriculum of various courses should be integrated. He ordered that the curriculum of the courses in the higher educational institutions should be made job-oriented to provide job and employment opportunities in the industries in the respective districts. Certified online vertical courses should be part of this curriculum, he said.

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He also directed to look into the syllabus followed by the famous colleges and implement such syllabus in the state as well. He suggested to tie up with organizations like National Stock Exchange (NSE) for self-employment courses. He asked to focus on courses like risk analysis, risk management, banking and real estate. He said that these types of courses will help students get self-employment after completing their degree. These courses should be part of the curriculum by next June. 

ys jagan

CM YS Jagan also said -

► We have given green signal to fill more than 2000 vacant posts in Higher Education Department. Particular attention should be paid to filling these vacancies quickly. Steps should be taken to resolve the court cases related to the already undertaken notifications as soon as possible and start the recruitment process by June.

► In the background of large-scale reforms in the higher education department, recruitment should be done quickly. A special board should be considered for recruitment in universities. Steps should be taken to recruit competent teaching staff to increase the standards of teaching in universities. Recruitment of staff and other pending issues in IIITs should be resolved promptly.

Help colleges raise standards
► All higher education institutions in the state must have accreditation by NAAC and other institutions. The quality of teaching and facilities should also increase in every college under the higher education department.

► The standards should be raised to enable accreditation in three years by meeting each target. After three years, educational institutions in the higher education department must achieve NAAC accreditation. If this cannot be achieved, the recognition of the respective colleges should be cancelled.

► All the courses in the colleges should be designed according to today's needs. Skill University should take the responsibility of providing curriculum for various courses. We are setting up 175 skill centers in the state, one per constituency.

► Courses should be designed according to the industries available in the respective districts. IT and skill development departments should design the curriculum together. Software skills should also be developed as part of high end skills. Emphasis should be placed on in-demand courses like coding and cloud services.

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Academic Staff College in Central Andhra
► Academic Staff Colleges at Tirupati and Visakhapatnam should be strengthened to improve the capacity of teaching staff. Along with these, an academic staff college should be established at one place in Central Andhra.

► Teaching and facilities in some private BEd colleges are inadequate.

Actions against dropouts
► The state government has taken all kinds of measures to ensure that children do not drop out at any stage after they start their studies. Educational and accommodation benefits are also being implemented for those who are going towards ITIs and Polytechnics after Tenth.

► Full fee reimbursement is provided to those pursuing other courses like Medicine, Engineering etc. We are the only state in the country that offers full fee reimbursement. AP is also the state that is providing accommodation. Because of these programs, there is no situation where there is a need to drop out of studies. As a result GER (Gross Enrollment Ratio) will definitely increase. The authorities should take steps to reflect these in achieving the goals of sustainable economic growth.

Published date : 20 Jan 2023 01:14PM

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