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Internship Opportunities for Engineering Students in AP Govt. Schools: Earn While You Learn!!

Calling all B.Tech, M.Tech, and MCA students! Want to make a real difference in education while gaining valuable tech skills and earning ₹12,000 per month? The AP state government's Future Skill Experts program is your chance!
Join the AP State Govt's tech-driven program   Internship in AP Govt Schools   Students collaborating on Future Skill Experts program

AP state government has started a unique Future Skill Experts program for B.Tech, M.Tech, and MCA students. These students can join as intern in AP government schools and learn technical skills. At the same time, they can earn stipend of Rs. 12,000 per month. 

Here's the lowdown:

  • Become a tech ambassador: Educate high school students on cutting-edge tech like IoT, AI, and ML.
  • Empower teachers: Train them on using government-provided tabs, online tools, and smart classrooms.
  • Boost your resume: Gain practical experience, leadership skills, and credits (for JNTU Anantapur students).
  • Earn and learn: Get a ₹12,000 monthly stipend while honing your tech expertise.

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What's the program about?

  • Bridge the tech gap: Fill the need for tech-savvy teachers in government schools.
  • Revolutionize education: Make learning more engaging and relevant for students.
  • Benefit society: Contribute to a future-proof workforce with essential tech skills.

What will you do?

  • Work two days a week in three assigned high schools near your college.
  • Mentor "Atal Tinkering Labs" and conduct tech workshops for students.
  • Assist teachers in adopting technology effectively.
  • Participate in workshops and training sessions yourself.

Bonus! You can even do a virtual internship simultaneously, focusing on teaching or job-oriented courses.

This program is unique because:

  • It's the first of its kind in India: Be a pioneer in shaping the future of education.
  • It offers a paid learning experience: Earn while you contribute to a social cause.
  • It opens doors to diverse opportunities: Gain valuable skills and experience for various career paths.

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1,014 Engineering Students Empower 3,042 Schools

Under the Future Skill Experts program, 1,014 engineering students from 44 colleges in Anantapur, Kurnool, Chittoor, YSR, and Nellore districts are spreading tech knowledge across 3,042 high schools.


  • Students receive hands-on learning in technology from young, tech-savvy mentors.
  • Teachers gain valuable training on using government-provided tablets, online tools, and smart classrooms.
  • High schools benefit from a more engaging and relevant learning environment, preparing students for a tech-driven future.

Program Details:

  • Each student works two days a week across three assigned high schools.
  • They conduct workshops, mentor "Atal Tinkering Labs," and assist teachers in integrating technology effectively.
  • Students earn a stipend of Rs.12,000 per month while gaining valuable experience and contributing to social good.

The Future Skill Program equips engineering students with expertise in cutting-edge technologies like:

  • Emerging trends: Learn about the future of tech with Blockchain, Metaverse/Web 3.0, and more.
  • Data and AI expertise: Master skills in AI, ML, Big Data, and Data Analysis.
  • Practical applications: Gain hands-on experience with VR, AR, Robotics, and Cloud computing.
  • Cybersecurity fundamentals: Understand and tackle digital threats.
  • Impacting Education Together: Through this program, students gain valuable skills

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Published date : 05 Feb 2024 09:46AM

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