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Vitopia-2024: Stay one step ahead in the marathon of life, consistency is the key to victory: Jyothy Surekha - Arjuna Awardee

Amaravati, A.P. – February 24, 2024: Jyothy Surekha Vennam, India's renowned archery player, and Arjuna awardee emphasized the significance of both academic excellence and achievements in sports and extracurricular activities for career growth. She graced the occasion as the chief guest at Vitopia 2024, a sports and cultural fest held on the VIT-AP university campus, where she distributed prizes to the winners.
Participants of Vitopia-2024 university officials    Jyothy Surekha Vennam distributing prizes at VIT-AP

Stay one step ahead in the marathon of life, consistency is the key to victory: Jyothy Surekha -  Arjuna Awardee

Addressing the audience, Jyothy Surekha Vennam underscored the importance of sports in students lives. Sports activities can significantly contribute to personal and professional development, offering a myriad of benefits that extend beyond the realm of physical fitness. Jyothy Surekha Vennam commended the sports winners of Vitopia 2024 and encouraged students to strive for excellence in both academics and their chosen fields.

Dr. S. V. Kota Reddy, Vice-Chancellor of VIT-AP University, highlighted the vital role sports play in shaping students' lives. He stressed the need for students to be well-rounded individuals, excelling in academic and extracurricular activities to enhance their skills. Vitopia 2024, according to Dr. Reddy, provides an excellent platform for students from various universities and colleges to showcase their talents.

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The program also witnessed the participation of Dr. Jagadish Chandra Mudiganti – Registrar VIT-AP university, Dr. Sudhakar Ilango, Convener of Vitopia 2024, Dr. Khadeer pasha, Deputy Director, and Dr. Rama Chandra Rao, Physical Education Director. Overall, Vitopia 2023 brought together students from 45 universities and colleges across the country, fostering a spirit of competition and camaraderie in both sports and cultural festivities at VIT-AP University in Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh

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Published date : 26 Feb 2024 10:20AM

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