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Inter 1st Year Exams: choice of questions to attempt; Check Exam Pattern

The Telangana Inter Board officials have made it clear that the inter 1st year examinations to be conducted from October 25 will be easy and students need not worry.
TS Inter
TS Inter 1st Year Questions

The questions are likely to be within the scope of the study material released by the board. Board sources reveal that care has been taken not to let the twisting questions confuse students as much as possible.

50% Choice Questions in TS Inter 1st Year Exams
Officials assured that even the least careful student will be tested in an easy manner. The Board has already announced that Choice will be higher in all subjects. It is a known fact that students are admitted to the second year without 1st year exams due to corona. Unlike before, there will be choice for each question to be written. Board sources say that this makes the student ready for any question and can easily write the answer.

The questions are as follows...

  • It is said that questions that take a long time, especially in mathematics, are unlikely to last as long as possible. Mathematics has three sections. There are 2 marks in 'A' section, 4 marks in 'B' and 7 marks in 'C'. Must answer 10 questions in any section. Write 5 out of 10 questions in ‘B’ and 5 out of 10 questions in ‘C’. 
  • In Physics, 2 marks in A section, 4 marks in B section and 8 marks in C section. Answer all the ten questions in Section A, six out of 12 questions in 'B' and two out of 4 questions in 'C'. 
  • In Chemistry, 2 marks will be given for each question in Section A, 4 marks in Section B and 8 marks in Section C. Answer all the 10 questions in 'A', 6 out of 12 questions in 'B' and 4 out of 4 questions in 'C'. 
  • In Botany, 2 marks Section-A, 4 marks in Section-B and 8 marks in Section-C. Answer a total of 10 questions in Section-A, six for 12 questions in 'B' and two for 4 questions in 'C'. 
  • In both Economics and Politics,10 marks in Section-A, 5 marks in Section-B and 2 marks in Section-C will be asked. Answer 3 out of 6 questions in A section, 8 out of 16 questions in ‘B’ and 15 out of 30 questions in ‘C’.

What about them ..?
Only those who have paid the fee in the past are given the opportunity to appear for the Inter 1st year examinations. However, at that time 10 thousand people did not pay the fees. The government has announced that it is promoting everyone into the second year without exams at this time. Those who did not pay the fee now lost the opportunity to write the test. Officials say all of them are continuing their second year and will have to write the 1st year exams.

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Published date : 25 Oct 2021 12:44PM

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