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All TS Inter 1st year students declared pass!!

The Telangana government has taken a key decision on the Inter 1st year 2021 results. Telangana Education Minister Sabita Indrareddy said that the students who failed in the recently announced Inter 1st year results are declared pass.
TS Inter Students
All TS Inter 1st year students declared pass!!

She spoke at a press conference on December 24 on the Inter results. She said that all the students who failed in 1st year will be  awarded minimum percentage (35 per cent) marks. This is the last time everyone will pass... there will be no such decisions in the future, she said.

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Speaking at the press meet, Sabita Indra Reddy said, "The education system is in trouble due to Covid. Due to the Covid crisis, online classes were conducted from third class to PG. Inter 1st year examinations were conducted for the future of the students. According to the latest Inter 1st year results, 49 per cent students have passed and the remaining 51 per cent have failed. However, most of the failures were from students studying in government intermediate colleges. It is not right to target the government and the CM on 1st year results, she said.

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In the Inter Second Year...
"There were no errors in the Inter Board on the results. Valuation‌ was carried out very transparently. It is better if the opposition acts responsibly. With a view to the future of the students, we are giving a minimum of 35 marks to all the students who fail as per the directions of the CM KCR. The students should study hard and get good marks in the Inter Second Year. It is not a good idea to expect the government to pass on such concerns in Inter-Second year as well, ”Minister Sabita appealed.

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Published date : 25 Dec 2021 12:47PM

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