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How Plants and trees avent atmosphire pollution?

Pure atmospere is free from any traces of pollution, consists of 78% of nitrogen, 21% of oxygen ... and little of organ, and carbondioxide gases. In addition, there exists very little amounts of neon, helium, nitrous oxide, methane, carbon monoxide, sulphere dioxide, ozone, ammonia elements traces.
But, because of burning fossils and fuels like petrol and kerosene.. and establishing industries by cuting down the forests which scatter chemical pollutes, in the ratio of the above gases in the atmosphere there will be a drastic change day by day. As a result, the pure atmosphere is polluted with tons of poisonons gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methan. This pollution can be avented to a greater extent by growing trees in suffient quantum.
In absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, trees play a very important role. In the process of photosynthesis, plants and trees combine carbon dioxide, water and sunlight and produce carbohydrates which are essential for their growth. As a part of this process trees release oxygen which is essential for living beings. Trees also release water in the form of vapour through the process of ' transpiration' and because of that the atmospere cools down. Smoke, dust, chemical particles which emerge out of pollution will spread and stick to the branches, leaves and stems of trees finally. That way the trees stop the traces of pollution from entering into our houses and serve as the curtains provided by the nature.
Published date : 06 Jul 2013 01:18PM

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