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JOSAA Counseling 2022: Be Vigilant While Exercising Web Options

Director of IIT-Madras Prof. V. Kamakoti has suggested that the JEE Advanced candidates should be vigilant in their choice filling and selection of engineering branches in the online 'JOSAA' process for admissions in IITs.
JOSAA 2022 Counselling

Prof. V. Kamakoti warned that even a small mistake can ruin your future as there are hundreds of options to choose from.

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JEE Advanced results  will be released on September 11 and the next day JOSAA 2022 online counseling process will start. In this context, Kamakoti participated in an awareness conference organized by IIT Madras alumni called 'Ask IITM' for the students and their parents on Saturday. 


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IIT Madras Professor Kamakoti

Kamakoti said that under the interdisciplinary system, students of any branch of B.Tech in IIT Madras have the opportunity to study other subjects along with the core subjects of their interest. As a result, students will get an opportunity to study their favorite subjects without being satisfied with the branch they have attained.

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Integrated Programs
He also said that through integrated PG (BTech+MTech) programs, students can transfer to another branch of their interest in the fourth semester. Efforts have been started to develop the technologies required for the medical field, not limited to the engineering field. He said that a special department will be established soon for medical related matters.

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In the first place in NIRF rankings..
He said that we are making changes and additions from time to time in the field of teaching, curriculum and research considering the actual conditions and we are providing all kinds of opportunities and facilities for creativity and aspiring entrepreneurs. He said that as a result of these measures, IIT Madras has been at the first position in the NIRF rankings for seven years. Kamakoti said that students are getting good placements.

He said that in the academic year 2021-22, 80 percent of all students got placement offers, out of which 1,199 people got offers and 45 of them got job opportunities at the international level.

Do`s and Don`ts of Group Discussion

Telugu students are more.. because..?

Prof. Kamakoti said that the number of Telugu students in IIT Madras is high and considering all the departments, about 25 percent of the students are from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The current generation of students and their parents have a feeling that engineering is a career and IITs are the best option for that. But now opportunities are good in all fields. Therefore, other courses should be preferred according to the natural interest and skills of the students. If you don't get a seat in IIT, worrying about having no future is meaningless. Many parents force their children to join B.Tech and Computer Science courses without knowing their interest. Kamakoti said this is not correct.

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Online courses
"Students who have lost the opportunity to join IIT should be given the opportunity of online courses. Currently thousands of lectures of IIT professors are available through NPTEL portal. What is said in the IIT classroom is the same. As a result of following these, one gets the opportunity to listen to the lectures of expert professors and improve their skills in their subjects,” Kamakoti suggested.

He said that although the number of applicants for JEE-Advanced has been decreasing for two years, the impression that the craze for IITs is decreasing is incorrect. Many students and parents attended the conference along with Professor Mahesh Panchajnula, Dean of IIM-M Alumni and Corporate Relations, ASK IITM representatives and alumni.

Published date : 05 Sep 2022 01:06PM

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