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Do`s and Don`ts of Group Discussion

Before going ahead with the do’s and don’ts of a group discussion, I would like to provide an extra information about the how does a HR conduct a group discussion.
Once the written test results are announced, the qualified candidates are generally formed into groups and a group discussion is conducted.
  • A group size in the group discussion typically varies between 6 and 25.
  • The time limit for a group discussion varies depending on the size o0f the group or the time available with the HR. Generally, the time period will be between 100 minutes – 25 minutes.
  • The facilitator might ask the members of the group to select a group discussion topic or himself might announce a topic.

Now let’s get started with the do’s and don’ts of a group discussion..
Do’s in a Group Discussion
  • Enter in to the group discussion room confidently.
  • Please carry a pen and a paper/scribbling pad when you participate in a group discussion.
  • Occupy your chair/seat silently.
  • Sit comfortably (straight and confident) in the chair/seat.
  • Have a pleasant smile on your face.
  • Please understand the topic of the group discussion properly.
  • Jot down your thoughts in an organized manner.
  • If you are an initiator, please greet the group and mention your topic name before conveying your opinion.
  • Maintain positive body language throughout the group discussion.
  • The speaker should maintain eye contact with everyone in the group discussion and on the other hand the listener should look only at the speaker.
  • Modulate your voice according to the size of the group, intensity of the point expressed.
  • Speak for more number of times and also let others express their opinions.
  • Speak only for 30 seconds every time you get a chance and speak clearly & completely.
  • Speak relevant to the topic.
  • Speak in a simple and lucid language.
  • Control your emotions.
  • Use quotations, proverbs, facts and figures according to the topic of the group discussion.
  • Use one – liners such as I beg your pardon, I’m afraid to disagree with you, you are right and I have another opinion too, it can be put the other way etc.,
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities throughout the group discussion.
  • Be a good listener. Also bear it in mind that a good listener is always a good speaker.
  • Be natural in your performance.
  • Think out of box for abstract topics of group discussions.
  • Please conclude the topic within the time allotted to your group discussion.

Don’ts in a group discussion
  • Never drag your chair/seat.
  • Never disturb the seating formation.
  • Do not slouch in the chair.
  • Do not play with pen, pencil or the scribbling pad.
  • Do not speak in a loud voice.
  • Do not demonstrate aggressive body language like pointing fingers at the other participants, palm down gestures to control the group discussion.
  • Do not speak for more time.
  • Do not fidget with fingers, bite your nails, shake your legs or tap your feet.
  • Do not directly oppose a member’s opinion.
  • Do not crack jokes during the group discussion.
  • Do not laugh big or giggle.
  • Do not look down while you speak or while others are expressing their opinion.
  • Do not look at the HR or facilitator of the GD.
  • Do not bluff the group members and the HR with false information.
  • Do not involve in a sub – group conversation during the discussion.
  • Do not change your stance very often. Do not be a fickle minded person.
  • Do not interrupt the speaker while expressing his/her opinion.
  • Do not criticize any person, any religion, any national.
  • Do not abruptly stop expressing your view.
  • Do not involve in an argument with anyone during the group discussion.
  • Do not address the participants with their names even though they are your friends.
  • Do not moderate the group discussion excessively.
  • Do not give a pre – mature conclusion.

Bavitha This brings to an end the do’s and don’ts of a group discussion.
Published date : 09 Jan 2016 04:43PM

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