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6 crore per year... 1.6 lakhs per day: This is the salary package of a fresher!

Many students remain unemployed even after completing higher education. They are roaming around the coaching centers and searching for jobs. But, if you go ahead with a firm plan, you will find success, says a young student from Rajasthan.
rachit agarwal

After completing his studies, he received a salary package of Rs. 6 crores per year. Rachit Agarwal is the son of businessman Rajesh Agarwal and Sangita Agarwal from Shaktinagar in Kota Nagar, Rajasthan. Rajesh Agarwal runs a local food package company. Mother stays at home. Rachit has always excelled in studies since childhood.

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After completing his schooling, he decided to pursue higher education in the US. He passed the Scholastic Aptitude Test required for admission in US colleges. Moreover, he also got a scholarship of Rs. 2 crores. With this money, he joined the University of Texas at Arlington. There he completed philosophy and economics along with computer science.


Rachit mastered coding while studying in school. He used to participate in locally conducted coding competitions and show off his skills. With that experience, he started three startups while studying engineering. He also completed a five-year internship in crypto companies while raising the necessary funds for these. Rachit completed his education in May 2022.

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After completing his studies, Rachit applied for jobs in many companies. During this time he received several job offers. Rachit Agarwal is currently working in the software coding team of Amazon in America. As part of this package, Rachit is getting 1 lakh 66 thousand rupees per day and 50 lakh rupees per month.

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Published date : 18 May 2023 04:52PM

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