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IIT, NIT B.Tech Students can't change branch in the second year!

The Center has taken a key decision to prevent students from committing suicide due to the pressure of studying. Central Education Department has given a key directive to IITs and NITs.
IIT NIT Engineering Students

The Center has directed the IITs and NITs to cancel the flexibility of switching to the desired branch in the second year on the basis of merit after completion of the first year of B.Tech. In IITs and NITs, if a student gets the highest grade points in the first year of B.Tech, there is a chance to get the desired branch in the second year. 10% seats will be allotted for switching branch.

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IIT Bombay has recently decided to follow the centre directive to cancel the flexibility of switching to the desired branch in the second year. Due to the extreme competition, the students who have been working hard since joining the colleges are under severe pressure if they do not get what they expected. Some commit suicide. Hence, the Union Education Department has ordered to cancel such an opportunity from the academic year 2023-24.

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In the IIT Council meeting held in Bhubaneswar last month, there was a discussion on the prevention of student suicides. Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan ordered to take all necessary steps to stop them and cancel the branch change, which is a major cause of stress. 

Published date : 16 May 2023 03:12PM

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