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Textile Engineering

Brach Overview
This branch deals with the production, quality and marketing of Textile Products namely fibres, Yarns and Fabrics. The role of fabrics is from Household to Aerospace and it is not exaggerated if it is mentioned that a human being can manage without food but he cannot stay without cloths. Today all items home or industry or space automobile, furnishing etc., are invariably made up of Textiles.

Eligibility: In AP, admissions are based on EAMCET ranking and few seats are reserved for E-CET candidates. Admission into NITs and IITs is based on JEE entrance test.

Higher Education
With B. Tech Textile Technology there are three options

  1. M.Tech from IIT Delhi or other universities
  2. MBA from any IIM or other B schools
  3. MBA in Textile & Apparel Management from SVPITM, Coimbatore
  4. M.E or M.Tech in Industrial Engineering , CAD/CAM/ Machine Tool
  5. PG course from NIFT in Merchandizing or Apparel Technology
  6. M.Tech in Apparel Technology from OU
Course Analysis
The Course is divided into four years and 1st year is common with other branches. The year wise subjects include
2nd Year: Fundamentals of Textile Technology, Yarn Formation or Spinning, Statistics in Textile Applications, Testing of fibres & Yarn, Textile Physics, Fabric Formation or Weaving preparatory, Manmade fibre Technology, Advanced Yarn formation

3rd Year: Knitting Technology, Automatic and Jacquard Weaving, Engineering Design of Textile Structures and Machineries, Fabric Structure & Design, Modern Weaving Technology, Technical Textiles, Testing of Fabrics, Textile Costing and Financial Analysis
Textile Wet Processing, Textile Mill Planning

4th Year: Apparel Technology, Apparel Designing, Apparel Standards, Specifications and Quality Control, Printing and Finishing of Apparels and Textiles, Integrated Apparel Merchandizing, Principles of Management & Industrial Psychology, Advances in Textile & Apparel Technology, Six Sigma & Lean Production for Apparels & Textiles, Industrial Engineering for Apparels and Textile Units

  1. Garment Processing
  2. Energy Management for Textiles and Apparels
  3. Textiles in Sports
  4. Automotive and Protective Textiles
  5. Denim Technology
  6. Retailing and Branding of Apparels
  7. E R P & M I S For Textile & Apparels
  8. Intelligent Textiles & Clothing
  9. High Performance Fibres
  10. Textiles in the World of Computers
  11. Visual Merchandizing
  12. Advanced Textile & Apparel Wet Processing
Job Prospects in India
  1. As Teacher or Professor in Govt or Private institutes or Universities
  2. As a Textile Consultant for Projects

In Private & Public sector

  1. Industry or Firm or Export House - Entry as Textile Engineer / IE Executive / Quality officer
  2. R& D units: Scientist ( examples of R&D are : ATIRA, BTRA, SITRA, NITRA, MANTRA, SASMIRA , NHDC, IJIRA, NCJD, ISI, SGS)
  3. Govt. organizations : NTC, Textile Committee, Textile Commissioners Office, Ministry of Textiles, Ministry of Handloom and Textiles , Department Of Textiles , Department of Sericulture , All Nationalized Banks as Textile officer for Servicing Textile Units
  4. Private sector: All Textile Production industries like Reliance , Dinesh, Bombay Dyeing, ASFI, Spinning mills , Wet Processing units, Aravind mills , Madhura coats, Trident, Raymond’s, etc.,
Job Profiles
  1. Monitoring the production & Quality
  2. Production planning and control
  3. Planning for styles and Marketing research
  4. Research & Development
  5. Industrial Engineer
  6. CAD/ CAM
Salary structure
It depends on the type and nature of organization and products produced. One can earn Rs. 35,000 - 45,000 perm month in all Govt. organizations. Private jobs differ from industry to industry as job nature differs. But salary starts from Rs. 15,000.

Other famous institutes offering the course: Anna University, NIT Jalandhar, Govt. Central Textile Institute, Kanpur, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, IIT Delhi, Institute of Jute Technology - Kolkata, Institute of Textile Technology, Cuttack, Visweswaraya Technological University

J. Hayavadana,
HOD, Dept. of Textile Engineering,
OU College of Technology
Published date : 20 Jun 2015 05:43PM

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