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South Korea Launches Second Spy Satellite

South Korea Launches Second Spy Satellite
South Korea Launches Second Spy Satellite

Following the successful launch of its first military intelligence satellite last December, South Korea has placed a second one in orbit.

This domestically-built surveillance satellite lifted off on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base in the United States on Monday. Authorities are currently monitoring signals from the satellite (spy satellite) to confirm its functionality.

The launch comes after North Korea's announcement of its own military surveillance satellite in November 2023. South Korea responded a week later with its first spy satellite launch. With a goal of deploying five satellites by 2025, the competition for space-based intelligence is heating up on the Korean Peninsula.

Seoul's first satellite has already transmitted clear images of central Pyongyang. Once the full constellation of five is operational (around June 2024), South Korea expects to achieve continuous surveillance of all major North Korean military installations, with potential for image updates every two hours.

North Korea previously claimed its satellite captured images of key U.S. naval bases, though these claims remain unverified. South Korea further accuses North Korea of receiving assistance from Russia, with Pyongyang officially declaring South Korea its primary adversary earlier this year.

These developments underscore the escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Published date : 08 Apr 2024 08:55PM

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