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FSSAI Cracks Down on Mislabeled "Health Drinks" on E-commerce Platforms

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is taking action to ensure accurate labeling of food products sold online. Here's a breakdown:
 FSSAI Cracks Down on Mislabeled "Health Drinks" on E-commerce Platforms

The Problem:

E-commerce platforms have been miscategorizing some food products.
Products licensed as "Proprietary Food" (containing standardized ingredients but not a specific product category) are being labelled as "Health Drinks" or "Energy Drinks" on websites.
What FSSAI is Doing:

FSSAI clarifies that the term "Health Drink" has no legal definition under Indian food safety regulations.
They've directed e-commerce platforms to stop using misleading categories like "Health Drink" and "Energy Drink" for these products.
FSSAI wants these products placed in the appropriate category based on their actual ingredients (e.g., Dairy Based Beverage Mix, Cereal Based Beverage Mix, or Malt Based Beverage Mix).
Why it Matters:

This action aims to improve transparency for consumers.
Clearer labels will allow people to make informed choices about the food they purchase online.
It prevents misleading information about the health benefits of these products.
What "Energy Drink" Can Be Used For:

The term "Energy Drink" can only be used for products licensed under specific food categories that meet defined standards.

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Published date : 03 Apr 2024 04:56PM

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