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Four-year degree courses in all varsities

Degree courses will be implemented in all the universities in the country, including Central Universities, for a period of four years from the next academic year. The Center has taken steps under the new national education policy.
Four year degree courses
Four year degree courses

The Union Ministry of Education has already discussed this with the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the universities. It directed the UGC to make further arrangements on this. Four-year degree honors courses will be available in 45 central universities across the country from next academic year.

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The UGC said the new courses would be in addition to the three-year courses already in place. Although four-year Honors degree courses were introduced in 2013, only a few of them are useful to students. Now varsities will make further changes to design four-year honors degree courses. These courses will be available to students from next academic year. Multiple admission and exit courses will be provided for the convenience of the students. Also, two-year PG courses are now available for a period of one year. It is up to the respective varsities to decide on how to design these courses. 

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Published date : 18 Oct 2021 05:21PM

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