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Banking Awareness Model Questions - 6

  1. PMMY stands for:
    a) Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana
    b) Prime Minister Mudra Yojana
    c) Prime Minister Money Yojana
    d) Pradhan Mantri Mandal Yojana
    e) None of the above
  2. NRLM means:
    a) National Rural Livelihood Mission
    b) National Rural Landless Mission
    c) Nehru Rural Labour Mission
    d) Nehru Rural Landless Mission
    e) None of the above
  3. When Reserve Bank intends to increase credit by the banking system, it:
    a) Reduces the bank rate
    b) Raises the bank rate
    c) Freezes the bank rate
    d) All of these
    e) None of these
  4. The First Recommendations of Narasimham Committee mainly highlighted about the:
    a) Banking Supervision
    b) Prudential norms for NPAs
    c) Market Risk
    d) Financial Inclusion
    e) None of the above
  5. In the opinion of the Governor of Reserve Bank of India, which one of the following is the reason owing to which India's inflation is accelerating?
    a) Excess liquidity in market
    b) Speculation in essential goods
    c) Higher food cost
    d) Commodities futures
    e) None of these
  6. If Royal Bank of Scotland based in London opens an account with Punjab National Bank in Mumbai in Indian rupees. For PNB this account will be treated as:
    a) Nostro account
    b) Vostro account
    c) Loro account
    d) Internet Banking
    e) None of the above
  7. What is the main objective of Security Printing & Mining Corporation of India Limited (SPMCIL)?
    a) It prints the security papers of Government of India
    b) It prints the Indian Bank Notes for Reserve bank of India
    c) It prints deals of the import and export of the country
    d) It prints the security papers of Indian army
    e) None of the above
  8. Which among the following statement is/are true?
    a) The Regional Rural banks established in 1970
    b) The Regional Rural Banks are not included in the category of scheduled banks
    c) The Regional Rural Banks enjoy the status of scheduled banks
    d) The Regional Rural Banks cannot enforce SARFAESI Act
    e) Regional Rural Banks are directly controlled by Finance Ministry
  9. Which among the following are not Scheduled banks?
    a) State Bank of India and its subsidiary banks
    b) Nationalized Banks
    c) Regional Rural Banks
    d) Foreign Banks
    e) None of the above
  10. Balance Sheet of a firm indicates which of the following?
    a) Profit or Loss over a period
    b) Financial position of the unit over a period
    c) Financial position of an organisation on a particular date
    d) Position of assets and liabilities over a period of time
    e) c and d
  11. In case of agricultural advances, banks shall not obtain collateral security for loans up to:
    a) Rs. 25,000
    b) Rs. 50,000
    c) Rs. 1,00,000
    d) Rs. 2,00,000
    e) None of these
  12. What is the upper ceiling of the re-launched Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)?
    a) Rs. 1 Lakh
    b) Rs. 5 Lakhs
    c) Rs. 10 Lakhs
    d) Rs. 20 Lakhs
    e) No upper ceiling
  13. As announced by the RBI the fixed - rate loans of up to___ will have to be set by lenders based on their marginal cost of funding?
    a) 3 Years
    b) 5 Years
    c) 7 Years
    d) 9 Years
    e) 10 Years
  14. The domestic card payment solution "RuPay" operated by:
    a) RBI
    b) SBI
    c) NABARD
    d) SIDBI
    e) NPCI
  15. The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) contains __ characters:
    a) 7
    b) 8
    c) 10
    d) 9
    e) 11
  16. Which of the following is the Indian secure messaging standard similar to SWIFT developed to serve as a platform for intra - bank and inter-bank application?
    a) Structure Financial Messaging System (SFMS)
    b) Security Settlement Messaging System (SSMS)
    c) Interactive Financial Messaging Exchange (IFME)
    d) Security Financial Messaging System (SFMS)
    e) None of the above
  17. Which of the following is a risk posed by the post dated cheques to the paying banks?
    a) Drawer can stop the payment before the given date
    b) There may be death insolvency or insanity of the drawer
    c) A garnishee order may be served in respect of the balance in the account
    d) Tax Attachment Order may be served for balance in deposit account
    e) All the above
  18. As per Section 24 of RBI Act, RBI can issue notes of maximum denomination of Rs. ___:
    a) Rs. 1,000
    b) Rs. 5,000
    c) Rs. 10,000
    d) Rs. 50,000
    e) Rs. 20,000
  19. Which of the following facilities is introduced as per the recent RBI directions to stop the sucking back of cash by the bank ATM after a stipulated time?
    a) Cash Traction Facility
    b) Cash Retraction Facility
    c) Cash Sucking Facility
    d) Cash Rescuing Facility
    e) None of the above
  20. Which of the following is the main feature of BASEL-III?
    a) Better Capital Quality
    b) Capital Conservation Buffer
    c) Leverage Ratio
    d) Liquidity Ratio
    e) All the above
  21. A rural branch is one which is located in a place with population of:
    a) Not exceeding 10,000
    b) Less than 10,000
    c) Not exceeding 50,000
    d) Less than 50,000
    e) All the above
  22. An urban branch is one which is located in a place with a population of ____ and above:
    a) 50,000
    b) 1 lakh
    c) 5 lakhs
    d) 10 lakhs
    e) 2 lakhs
  23. Which of the following is not an NBFC in India?
    a) Ratnashri Portfolio Private Limited
    b) OSM Finlease Private Limited
    c) Arohan Financial Services Limited
    d) AMS Capital and Finance Private Limited
    e) None of the above
  24. The word "Customer" is defined in which of the following act?
    a) RBI Act
    b) BR Act
    c) KYC/ AML Guidelines
    d) Negotiable Instruments Act
  25. In case of LOW risk customers, the customer identification data is to be updated by the bank:
    a) Not less than 10 years
    b) Not less than 3 years
    c) Not less than 2 years
    d) Not less than 1 year
    e) Not less than 5 years
  26. Security thread is found in genuine notes of:
    a) Rs. 10 and above
    b) Rs. 2 and above
    c) Rs. 20 and above
    d) Rs. 5 & above
    e) All denominations
  27. How to deal with counterfeit note if getting across the cash counter:
    a) All branches of nationalized Banks are authorized to impound it
    b) If counterfeit notes in single transaction is up to 4 then monthly consolidated report should be send to police
    c) If number of counterfeit notes are 5 & more in single transaction then FIR with police should be lodged
    d) Only a & b
    e) All the above
  28. What was the earlier designation of Mr. N.S. Vishwanathan before taking charge as Deputy Governor?
    a) Executive Director of PNB
    b) Executive Director of SBI
    c) Executive Director of PNB
    d) Executive Director of PNB
    e) Executive Director of RBI
  29. For E - KYC, which of the following documents is MUST?
    a) Aadhar Card
    b) Voter ID
    c) PAN Card
    d) Ration Card
    e) No document is required only biometric thumb impression is sufficient
  30. Unclaimed deposit means:
    a) No operation in deposit account for more than 10 years
    b) No operation in deposit account for more than 5 years
    c) All diseased accounts are branded as unclaimed
    d) No operation in deposit account for more than 7 years
    e) None of the above
  31. If Farmer who is not having a PAN Card wants to deposit Rs.1 lakh cash in the branch. What should be done as per rule?
    a) Return the customer & advise that come with PAN
    b) Allow to deposit the cash along with form - 61
    c) Advise to deposit the amount in next 2-3 days, every time amount should be less than Rs. 50,000
    d) Deposit in some relatives account, who is having PAN
    e) Account should not be maintained
  32. The minimum age requirement of a minor to open a self operated SB account is:
    a) 12 Years
    b) 14 Years
    c) 10 Years
    d) 16 Years
    e) 8 Years
  33. Interest on SB account is calculated on the basis of:
    a) Daily product
    b) Monthly minimum balance
    c) Average monthly balance
    d) Monthly minimum balance between 10th and last day
    e) None of these
  34. BSBDA account means:
    a) Basic saving bank deposit account
    b) No minimum balance requirement
    c) All NO FRILL accounts should be converted in to BSBDA
    d) It is a no cost deposit account
    e) None of the above
  35. Interest for a term deposit is paid as per:
    a) Period of the deposit
    b) Deposit scheme
    c) Amount of the deposit
    d) Number of years the customer is maintaining the account
    e) All of the above
  36. Senior Citizens will be eligible to get additional 0.50% rate of interest, if the deposit period is of __ months and above:
    a) 12
    b) 24
    c) 36
    d) 60
    e) No such condition


1) a

2) a

3) a

4) b

5) c

6) b

7) b

8) c

9) d

10) e

11) c

12) e

13) a

14) e

15) e

16) a

17) e

18) c

19) b

20) e

21) b

22) b

23) c

24) c

25) a

26) d

27) e

28) e

29) a

30) a

31) b

32) c

33) a

34) a

35) a

36) a





Published date : 24 Aug 2016 11:43AM

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