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Banking Awareness Model Questions – 5

  1. P2P refers to:
    a) Pre to Post Lending
    b) Peer to Peer Lending
    c) Pre-shipment to Post-shipment
    d) Pre-ante to Post-ante
    e) None of the above
  2. Through which of the following Indians are not authorized to do banking transactions?
    a) Internet banking
    b) Mobile Banking
    c) ATM d) Video Conferencing
    e) All the above
  3. With a view to facilitate better Asset Liability Management, the Reserve Bank of India has decided to allow Infrastructure Debt Fund-Non-Banking Financial Companies (IDF-NBFCs) to raise funds through shorter tenor bonds and Commercial Papers (CPs) from the domestic market to the extent of up to ___% of their total outstanding borrowings.
    a) 10
    b) 12.5
    c) 15
    d) 20
    e) 25
  4. Which of the following is a wrong statement?
    a) Regulator of insurance market - IRDA
    b) Regulator of capital market - SEBI
    c) Regulator of money market - RBI
    d) Regulator of forex market - SEBI
    e) Banking Technology - IDRBT
  5. Which of the following is not the name of a multinational bank?
    a) BNP Paribas
    b) British Bank of Middle East
    c) Standard Chartered Bank
    d) Cathay Pacific
    e) None of the above
  6. Which of the following is/are the feature(s) of Medi-claim policy?
    a) Day-care treatment - The Medical expense towards specific technologically advanced day-care treatments/ surgeries where even 24 hour hospitalisation is not required
    b) Ambulance Charges for shifting the insured from residence to hospital
    c) Ayurvedic/ Homeopathic and Unani system of medicine charges
    d) Pre-existing diseases after a specified period of the policy or on payment of additional premium
    e) All the above
  7. What is the maximum amount that Banking Ombudsman can Award in case of General Banking Transactions?
    a) Rs. 2 lakh
    b) Rs. 5 lakh
    c) Rs. 8 lakh
    d) Rs. 10 lakh
    e) No such ceiling
  8. The term "hyper-employment" means?
    a) A situation where machines are used to intensify utilisation of labour
    b) A situation where plant is used without any rest
    c) A situation where the demand for labour far exceeds its supply
    d) A situation where machines are substituted for labour
    e) None of the above
  9. Which of the following are true in respect of Sukanya Samriddhi Accounts?
    a) Rate of interest 8.6% Per Annum (w.e.f. 1 April 2016), calculated on yearly basis, yearly compounded
    b) Minimum Rs. 1000 and Maximum Rs. 15,0000 in a financial year. Subsequent deposit in multiple of Rs.100 Deposits can be made in lump-sum
    c) No limit on number of deposits either in a month or in a financial year
    d) Account can be closed after completion of 21 years
    e) All the above
  10. In Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP) the minimum qualification required for a loan below Rs. 5 lakh is:
    a) 7th class
    b) 8th Class
    c) 9th standard
    d) 10th standard
    e) No qualification is required
  11. How many stores will be opened under Prime Minister's Jan Aushadhi Yojana during 2016-17?
    a) 500
    b) 1000
    c) 2000
    d) 3000
    e) 5000
  12. Which of the following is owned by Reserve Bank of India?
    a) Deposit insurance and Credit Corporation of India (DICGC)
    b) Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited (BRBNPL)
    c) National Housing Bank (NHB)
    d) a and c
    e) a, b and c
  13. All scheduled commercial banks (including regional rural banks), urban co-operative banks, small finance banks (when they become operational) and local area banks are eligible to participate in the trading of Priority Sector Lending Certificates. The certificates will have a standard lot size of ___ and multiples thereof.
    a) Rs. 15 lakh
    b) Rs. 25 lakh
    c) Rs. 30 lakh
    d) Rs. 35 lakh
    e) Rs. 50 lakh
  14. On recommendation in which of the following committee NABARD was established?
    a) C. Rangarajan Committee
    b) Vijay Kelkar Committee
    c) Sivaraman Committee
    d) Chelliah Committee
    e) None of the above
  15. In Basel III importance was given for:
    a) Quality of Capital
    b) Interest Rate Risk
    c) Disclosure norms
    d) Exchange Risk
    e) None of the above
  16. According to Basel III norms, NSFR means:
    a) Net Stable Financial Ratio
    b) Net Stable Funding Ratio
    c) New Stable Financial Ratio
    d) Non Stable Funding Ratio
    e) New Scientific Funding Ratio
  17. Which of the following are true in regarding Public Provident Fund Account?
    a) From 1 April 2016, interest rates are as follows 8.10% per annum (compounded yearly)
    b) An individual can open account with Rs. 100 but has to deposit minimum of Rs. 500 in a financial year and maximum Rs. 1,50,000.
    c) Joint account cannot be opened
    d) Account can be opened by cash/ cheque and In case of cheque, the date of realization of cheque in Govt. account shall be date of opening of account.
    e) All the above
  18. What is the maximum period of deposit that can be opened under NRO?
    a) 1 Year
    b) 3 Years
    c) 5 Years
    d) 10 Years
    e) No such ceiling
  19. Which of the following is an example of cash less purchase?
    I. Internet Banking
    II. Credit Card
    III. Debit Card

    a) Only I
    b) Only II
    c) Only I and II
    d) All of the above
    e) None of the above
  20. Merchant banking in India is governed by:
    a) SEBI
    b) RBI
    c) IRDA
    d) Ministry of finance
    e) a and c
  21. The term "Balance of Trade" means:
    a) A point where the values of imports and exports are equal
    b) The term is used with reference to bilateral trade agreements with countries of CIS Block
    c) The difference between the value of the imports and exports of a country
    d) The difference between the total of transactions with foreign countries in trade, services and capital
    e) a and b
  22. The term "capitalisation of reserves" is used to denote?
    a) The use of reserves for the acquisition of additional capital
    b) The use of reserves for paying-off loans raised for building up fixed assets
    c) The use of reserves for issuing bonus shares to the existing shareholders
    d) The use of reserves for the replacement of depreciated assets
    e) None of the above
  23. In BASEL III the term CCB stands for:
    a) Capital Conservative Buffer
    b) Capital Conservation Buffer
    c) Concurrent Conservation Buffer
    d) Capital Counter Buffer
    e) None of the above
  24. Which of the following is not a major promoter of CIBIL?
    a) HDFC
    b) SBI
    c) RBI
    d) Trans Union International Inc.
    e) None of the above
  25. If you wish to purchase US dollars to travel abroad, you will approach:
    a) Ministry of finance
    b) US embassy
    c) Any bank branch authorized for such activity
    d) RBI
    e) State Bank of India
  26. Money lent in the money market for one day is referred as:
    a) Notice money
    b) Long term loan
    c) Short term loan
    d) Call money
    e) None of these
  27. The term "hyper-inflation" is used to denote:
    a) A situation with moderate rise in price level
    b) An inflationary situation where the external forces are the primary contributing factors
    c) A "runway" or "galloping" inflationary situation where the monetary unit becomes almost worthless
    d) A situation where the cost of living index is rising alarmingly
    e) c and d
  28. What is the purpose for RBI allowing RRBs to open their branches in tier-II cities without asking for permit?
    a) To empower RRBs with the powers that RBI has
    b) To increase the reach of banking service in tier-II cities
    c) To generate money from tier-II cities
    d) To increase the number of RRBs more than other commercial bank in tier-II cities
    e) None of the above
  29. As per Codes of Commitments of BCSBI, bank will return the unpaid/ dishonoured cheque along with a duly signed return memo indicating the reason for return/ refusal of payment within:
    a) 24 Hours
    b) 48 Hours
    c) 3 Days
    d) 6 Days
    e) 9 Days
  30. In Mutual Funds, NAV is the price of ___:
    a) Entire fund value
    b) One unit of a fund
    c) Surrender value
    d) Average value of shares
    e) Dividends paid in a year
  31. Who is the present MD and CEO of Multi Commodity Exchange?
    a) Balasubramaniam Venkatramani
    b) Mrugank Paranjape
    c) Manoj Vaish
    d) Praveen Kumar Singhal
    e) Mansi Aggarwal
  32. In case of travel abroad, foreign exchange can be released maximum ___ days before the date of travel.
    a) 30
    b) 60
    c) 180
    d) 15
    e) 45
  33. "Multi-currency basket" means?
    a) A number of international currencies to which the value of SDRs is linked
    b) Selected international currencies to which the value of Asian Monetary Unit is linked
    c) Number of major international currencies to which the external value of the Indian rupee is linked
    d) The name given to a group of West European currencies.
    e) None of the above


1) b

2) d

3) a

4) d

5) d

6) e

7) d

8) c

9) e

10) e

11) d

12) e

13) b

14) c

15) a

16) b

17) e

18) d

19) d

20) a

21) c

22) c

23) b

24) c

25) c

26) d

27) c

28) b

29) a

30) b

31) b

32) b

33) c








Published date : 01 Aug 2016 03:14PM

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