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IBPS Clerks Prelims Reasoning Practice Test - 3

IBPS Clerks Prelims Reasoning Practice Test
IBPS Clerks Prelims Reasoning Practice Test

Directions (66-70): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
Ten boxes of Pens, Pencils, Books, Rubbers, Skirts, Bottles, Shoes, Bags, Socks, and Shirts are placed one above the other in a certain order. Box number 1 is placed at the bottom and Box number 10 is placed at the top position. There are four boxes kept between the Shoes and Pencils. The Box of the Pens is placed at the topmost position. There are two boxes between Bags and Skirts. A Box of Pencils is kept above the box of Shoes. The box of Rubbers is at the 7th position from the bottom. The box of Books is either kept immediately above or below the box of Rubbers and the box of Skirts is either kept immediately below or above the box of Rubbers. The box of the Bottles is placed exactly between the box of Shirts and the box of Pencils.

66. What is the position of box of Books?
a) 8th
b) 7th
c) 6th
d) 9th
e) None of these

Published date : 11 Dec 2021 05:15PM

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