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Telangana Half-day Schools in March: Check Summer Holidays Dates

Government has taken a key decision for the welfare of Telangana school students. It has been decided to conduct hal-day schools from March.
TS Hal-day schools

As high temperatures are being recorded in many areas, students in schools are suffering more from the heat. Hence, Telangana Director of School Education has also given clarity regarding half-day schools.

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In view of rising temperatures, schools will run half-day from the second week of March. TAs per sources from the education department officials, half-day schools will start in Telangana from March 15 (Wednesday). The classes will be held from 7.45 am to 12 noon during these days.

Half day schools instructions
The Department of Education has suggested to ensure that children get better fresh water in private schools as well as government schools during this half-day school period. And in Telangana, the 10th class public exams will be held from 3rd to 13th April. The education department recently decided to start the remaining classes from April 12. As there are only four subjects for classes 1-5, they will end on April 17. The exams for classes 6 to 9 will be held on April 20. The Education Department said that the exam results should be declared on April 21 and incorporated in the records.

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Summer Holidays
It is already known that the Telangana government has released the summer vacation schedule. The Department of Education has recently announced that schools will have summer vacation from April 25 to June 11, 2023. Schools will resume on June 12. Students will have summer vacation for a total of 48 days.

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Published date : 17 Feb 2023 03:57PM

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