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IT solutions provider CDW lays off hundreds amid 'intensifying economic uncertainty'

San Francisco, April 21 (IANS) Global IT solutions provider CDW is laying off hundreds of employees amid "intensifying economic uncertainty".

According to a report in CRN, several CDW employees are reporting being laid off.

"The firm is offering a severance package, but laid off employees are signing non-disclosure agreements," the report mentioned, citing an employee.

Several employees took to LinkedIn to disclose they have been sacked.

"Sad day! My employment at CDW has come to an end with today's announcements of economic layoffs at CDW! I will be looking for a new position within the Cloud/IT Management space!" a CDW employee posted.

Another wrote: "It's been a difficult day today. CDW has announced company-wide layoffs due to a tough tech economy and unfortunately, I have been impacted. I am looking for a new position within the Azure Cloud/IT space".

CDW expects first quarter net sales of about $5.1 billion, well below the estimates of $5.28 billion.

"Today was the end of one chapter for me and the beginning of another. CDW laid off a bunch of people today and I was one of them. I look forward to what is next," wrote another sacked employee.

On the layoff tracking website, posts suggest that anywhere from 600 to 1,000 employees are being laid off across the company.

Published date : 21 Apr 2023 01:11PM

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