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Parenthesis ( )
In writing, you can show parenthesis ( ) in several different ways. You can, for example, use two brackets. You may also use two commas or two dashes.
Parenthesisని ఒక వాక్యంల్లోంచి తీసి వేస్తే, వాక్యం ungrammaticalగా తయారు కాదు. Parentheses are essentially used to mark off words or phrases inserted into a sentence.
  • Sashi, my friend, accompanied me to office.
      పై వాక్యంలో మనం రెండు commas వాడి 'my friend' అనే phraseని  విడిగా చూపించాం.(friend). Brackets and dashes are also possible in this case.
  • Sashi (my friend) accompanied me to office.
  • Sashi - my friend - accompanied me to office.
      Brackets are preferred when the sentence already contains one or more commas.
  • Last year, Ruchita Goud (a seven-year old girl) saved two children from getting hit by the train.
    Here we have used brackets because the sentence already contains a comma.
    Generally speaking, the conjunctive adverbs "however, therefore, as a result, as far as concerned, subsequently, so to speak etc.,"
    are not usually used with brackets. Instead we use commas.
 Eg. English has few vowel sounds. Some languages, on the other hand, use thirty or more.
Bracketsని మన ఇష్ట ప్రకారం పెట్టుకోగలం. ఇవి confusionకు దారి తీయవు. కానీ వాటి వాడకాన్ని పరిమితంగా ఉంచాలి. ఎక్కువగా వాడితే చూసేటప్పుడు ఇబ్బందిగా ఉంటుంది. 
Published date : 09 Jan 2020 05:25PM

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