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Why do we use 'an' before some words even though they do not begin with a vowel letter ie a,e,i,o,u?
 We should use 'an' before vowel sounds NOT vowel letters. Sounds are different from letters. D విషయంలో confusion పడొద్దు. Look at the following examples:
 We pronounce M.A, M.Com., MLA, MP, SOS message, L-board with the sound 'e' 'ఎ’. We pronounce it as ’ ఎమ్.ఎ., ఎమ్.కామ్., ఎమ్.ఎల్.ఎ., ఎమ్.పి., ఎస్.ఒ.ఎస్. message, GÌŒæ&board. Thus all of them begin with G sound, which is a vowel. That is why, we should say, an MA degree, an M.Com degree, an MLA, an MP, an SOS message, an L-board etc.
 అలాగే, vowel letter ఉన్నా  కూడా , కొన్నిసార్లు  మనం్చ వాడకూడదు.
 Eg. a university, (sound యూ, a one-rupee coin (sound Ð]l, a one-eyed man ), a unit (sound యూ)
      కానీ,  ఈ అక్షరాలు, vowels లాగా పలికితే, anనే వాడాలి
 Eg. an umbrella (sound:  ఆ) an orange (ఆ)
Published date : 18 Feb 2020 04:57PM

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