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TSPSC: 15 Papers Leaked!!

The Special Investigation Team (SIT)  senior official said that Praveen and Rajasekhar had also planned to steal the papers related to the Group-1 Mains examination from the custodian’s computer.
TSPSC paper leak case

Shocking facts are coming to light in the course of questioning of the accused by the police in the TSPSC question paper leakage case which rocked the state of Telangana.

It was already learned that 15 question papers under six categories of competitive exams were leaked and that the TSPSC Group-1 paper leak was limited to the five main accused. The Assistant Engineer Exam question paper was sold to many people and the other papers were left unused in the accused’s pen drive. Another shocking revelation was that the accused had planned to steal the papers related to the Group-1 Mains examinations.

Police have interrogated 13 accused persons along with Assistant Section officer Praveen Kumar, and Network Administrator Rajasekhar Reddy who are stated to be the masterminds in this scam. Key evidence has been collected pertaining to this scam which started in October last year and to the last week of February. Praveen's pen drive was found to have exam papers for all six posts.

SIT officials say that no evidence has been found so far that this question paper has reached anyone except these five. It was concluded that Nilesh, Gopal, Prashanth, and Rajendra Kumar bought the AE exam papers held on the 5th of last month. Officials said that the chance of the papers leaking from these five people was less, however, they are continuing an investigation in that aspect as well. The SIT officials claim that except for Group-1 and AEE, the rest were retained with Praveen and the scam came to light when he was still trying to find buyers.  

Published date : 31 Mar 2023 03:06PM

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