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TS Police Constable/ SI Exams Events: Must Follow Tips!!

Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board (TSLPRB) will soon issue notifications for over 17,000 jobs. Candidates have many doubts like - How is the written test ..? What is the syllabus like? What kind of books should I read? How to succeed in events ..? How are fitness tests performed? These doubts are cleared below.
TS Police Events

SI/ Constable Events

The governmentis planning to release notifications for a large number of police jobs - SI, constable in large scale as well as a few other police jobs. Candidates should prioritize events like physical fitness tests - Physical Measurement Test (PMT), followed by the Physical Efficiency Test (PET). Events are similar for SI and Constable exams. Qualifying for the PET stage is crucial. A final written test will be conducted for the qualified candidates.

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TS Police SI  and Constable Events/ Physical Requirements

  • Must qualify in 800m running
  • For the posts of Civil SI, Station Fire Officer, Deputy Jailor, Civil Constables, Firemen: it is sufficient to qualify in two events among 100m running, long jump, shot put, high jump events 
  • It is mandatory to qualify in all events for the posts of TSSP, AR, SAR CPL Category SI, Constables
  • Must qualify in 100m running
  • It is enough to qualify in one of the two events - long jump, shot put
  • 75 marks for three events at the rate of 25 marks per event for AR posts.
  • Must qualify in all events for AR posts
  • Selection of Civil SI and Constable posts is based on marks in written test. 
  • Selection for AR, TSSP, SAR CPL posts will be based on both merit in Physical Test and marks in written test

TS Police: ఏ పోస్టుకు ఎవరు దరఖాస్తు చేసుకోవాలి & స్త్రీలు ఎలాంటి ఉద్యోగాలకు అర్హులు

TS Police SI and Constable Physical Efficiency Tests

1. Male 100 m. Running - 15 seconds

2. Male Long jump - 3.80 m.

3. Male Shotput (7.26 kg) - 5.60 m.

4. Male High jump - 1.20 m.

5. Male 800 m. Running - 170 seconds

6.Female 100 m. Running - 20 seconds

7.Female Long ‌jump - 2.50 m.

8. Female Shotput (4 kg) - 3.75 m.



TS Police Jobs: పోలీస్‌ ఉద్యోగాల‌కు ఉచిత కోచింగ్‌.. అర్హ‌త‌లు ఇవే....

Physical events are highly crucial for SI, Constable exams. Practice hard according to the plan to succeed in the events. Candidates should first increase the control capacity on the breath to increase the speed in the run. The running should be practiced regularly for 30 to 40 minutes daily. Good results can be obtained if the long run (5-6) kilometers is practiced once a week.

800 meters running:
Candidates should 1st practice 200m running. Do it six times a day. Then run 400 meters three times a day, then 1000 meters three times regardless of time. This should be practiced indefinitely for the first two weeks. 200 m, 400 m, 800 m should be practiced by setting the time. Should practice. Then practice the 800 meters in less than 170 seconds to reach the final.

Long jump:
Check the power leg before the long jump. Candidates should check if right or left leg is suitable for taking off for the jump.It should be practiced by increasing the distance... 7 feet, 15 feet, 21 feet. It is good to practice five to ten times a day.

The key to high jump is:
A height of 1.20 meters in the high jump is considered eligible. Each one is allowed up to three times to jump this height. Candidates can jump higher by practicing belly method. High jump practice should be practiced by increasing from 100 cm, 1.10 m, 1.20 m, 1.30 m, and finally to1.40 m.

In the 100 meter running:
First practice 30m running six to ten times a day; The 80 meter run should be practiced eight times a day. Practice running every alternate day and cross check your performance.


TS Police Exams : ఎస్ఐ, కానిస్టేబుల్ ప‌రీక్ష‌ల బిట్‌బ్యాంక్ మీకోసం..

Shot Put:

Wrist exercises and warm-ups are a must before shot put practice. The hand-holding approach to the shot put is important. When taking a shot put by hand make sure there is a gap between the fingers. The candidate must show the left arm forward before throwing the shot put with the right hand. Body bending, pushing the left arm forward, throwing with the right hand, keeping the left leg forward and the right leg backward are important in making shot put. Practice this ten times a day.

Important fitness tips for police exams' events:

  • Candidates should use branded sports shoe for running.
  • Must wear a t-shirt and start practice.
  • Avoid cigarettes and alcohol.
  • Daily eat boiled eggs, dry fruits, sprouted nuts along with easily digestible food.
  • All events will be held on the same day, so practice and cross check every alternate day.
  • Candidates must wear a supporter before going to practice on the ground.
  • Allocate for practice daily from 5am to 7.30am and from 5pm to 7pm. The rest of the time should be alloted for written test preparation.

Work hard on the ground
In the previous notification, 80,000 candidates had crossed the preliminary stage. About 50,000 of them had dropped out of the events. So job opportunities will be available only if the candidates work hard on the ground. AR, TSSP, SAR CPL posts can be easily secured if one achieves merit in the events. Passing this stage qualifies for the final written test. Exam papers are also tough. The final exam will also include language papers. So devote time to study while doing ground practice.
- Malyadri Reddy, Director, Bhagyanagar Institute.

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Published date : 20 Apr 2022 01:34PM

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