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UK's Scale-Up Visa Scheme: Stay in Britain from 6 months to 5 years with a job!!

UK announces new scale-up visa scheme. Check below the scheme purpose, regulations, eligibility etc.
UK scale up visa

The UK has announced a new visa scheme named scale up to benefit the candidates for Jobs Abroad. Let us check UK Scale Up Visa Scheme purpose, regulations, qualifications etc...

Companies in the UK are facing a shortage of skilled human resources. The government has taken this matter into consideration. It is in this order that the organizations in the respective fields have implemented a new scheme to hire foreign experts through sponsorship, Scale Up Visa Scheme. Recently this new visa scheme was announced by the UK government.

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Towards business development
The main objective of the Scale Up Visa Scheme is to support the growth of companies in the respective sectors. For this, the British government hopes to welcome foreign talent in terms of recruitment of key human resources. Currently, more than 35,000 businesses are eligible to hire foreign professionals through the Scale Up Visa scheme. Through this, it is possible for the organizations to hire foreigners with a sponsorship letter.

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Qualifications Required:

Eligibility rules for companies wishing to hire foreign professionals through the scale-up visa scheme are -

  • The sponsor must have started the organization or business at least three years prior to the date of obtaining the license.
  • Every year the company should have recorded 20 percent growth in product sales turnover or employment generation.
  • The company should have been operating with at least ten employees during the last three years.
  • All the organizations complying with these regulations will be eligible to hire foreign experts and give sponsorship letter through scale up visa.

Sponsorship letter
Organizations employing foreigners through scale up visa have to give sponsorship letter to the respective persons. This is a letter stating that the organization is hiring the person. Based on this, the job seekers get a visa to work in the UK.

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First six months
Through the new scheme, those applying with sponsorship letter will be granted scale up visa for the first period of six months. This is also called sponsorship route. It is possible to continue in another job in the UK even after the six month period. Scale-up visa can be extended for up to two years after the minimum period of six months after obtaining a sponsorship letter from another organization or employer. After that one can work in UK for another three years on the basis of another sponsor letter.

So those who have entered UK through the scale-up visa once with a basic period of six months have the opportunity to work in the UK for a maximum of five years. Even after completing five years, if you get a job there, you can work permanently in the UK. Every time you change job, you have to apply for visa extension based on the sponsorship letter.

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Minimum wage is mandatory
In order to get a job through the UK scale up visa scheme, minimum wage rules must be followed. A scale-up visa is granted to jobs that pay at least 33,000 pounds per year or 10 pounds per hour.

Educational Qualifications
Educational qualifications are also prescribed for those applying for jobs through scale up visa. They are..

  • Must have passed Bachelor or Post Graduate Degree.
  • Must pass the prescribed English language test.
  • English Language Test (CELT): For this test one has to pass B1 level in one of the four tests conducted by the UK Government. There is the option of appearing for one of the tests conducted by the IELTSSELT Consortium, the Pearson Test of English, or the Skills for English UKVI conducted by PSI Services (UK) or the International ESL CELT tests conducted by LanguageCert.

Based on points
Provisions have been made to make decision on point system in case of grant of scale up visa.

  • There will be a maximum of 70 points.
  • 50 points per sponsorship application; At B1 level, 10 points for English language skills, 10 points for self-financing, and a total of 70 points will be implemented.

Dependent visa too
In the scale up visa scheme, the employed persons can bring their spouse and children through the dependent visa. For this the concerned persons have to apply for Dependent Partner Visa and Dependent Children Visa. They have to pay the healthcare surcharge amounts along with the visa application application fee.

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Three months earlier
If you want to apply for a visa under the scale up visa system, under the sponsorship system, you have to apply to UK immigration at least three months before the start date of work in the concerned company. Similarly, in the case of dependents, proof of financial support for at least one year has to be shown.

Necessary documents
Those who apply for scale up visa have to submit several documents - Sponsorship certificate reference number; Certificate attesting English language skills; Passport; Job Designation, Annual Salary; Employment Occupation Code; Employer Sponsor's License Number; Proof of an amount equal to at least 1,270 pounds; Certificates of Educational Qualifications.

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Benefit to Indians
There is an opinion that Indians will benefit more through the scale up visa scheme implemented by the UK. According to the details recently announced by the UK High Commission, 1,02,981 Indians have received work visas since June 2022. Compared to 2019, there was almost 80 percent growth. Similarly, India topped the list of visas issued by the UK. Moreover, the number of visas issued to Indians has increased by 46 percent in the case of skilled workers visa. The main reason for this is the professionals and highly educated people in India. With this, the opinion is being expressed that India will benefit more in terms of scale up visa.

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UK Scale Up Visa Highlights

  • Through this system there are job opportunities in around 35 thousand companies in UK 
  • The minimum wage is 33 thousand pounds a year or ten pounds an hour.
  • Grant of scale up visa for first six months, later extendable up to a maximum of five years. 
  • A policy that will benefit Indians. Indians are already at the forefront of Skilled Workers Visa.
Published date : 27 Sep 2022 11:43AM

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