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If you want to do MBBS abroad, you have to follow these rules!

The National Medical Council (NMC) is tightening the rules for studying medical education abroad.
MBBS Abroad

At present in our country, students are admitted to medical colleges based on NEET examination. However, they are getting seats abroad on a fee basis and completing the course without any restrictions. Thousands of Indian students studying medicine in Ukraine are returning home due to the war. However, there has been widespread criticism of completing medical education abroad in a much easier way than in India. With this, the National Medical Council is doing a special exercise to bring some rules for those who complete the MBBS course abroad.

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Must complete at least 54 months:
Although there are already some types of regulations it has been decided to study them in more depth and formulate new guidelines. NMC is tightening the requirement to complete the MBBS course in at least 54 months. Also, before getting admission in the college, it is suggested to take a decision only after thoroughly examining the infrastructure and the latest practices.

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NMC hopes not to consider classes that continue online in medical education. In a completely manual way, NMC came up with the idea of ​​conducting classes in the practical mode. Even if the internship is conducted after completing the medical course abroad, here again the interns will be strictly enforced to qualify for the exam as well as the internship must be done. Although the NMC guidelines have already been released, medical and health sources say they are likely to revise them with the latest developments.

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Published date : 01 Mar 2022 12:36PM

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