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Foreign Education: Earn While You Study!!

Study Abroad... The dream of millions of Indian students! If a foreign university degree is in hand, students feel that they would receive opportunities internationally !! Even if you return home, you can have a brilliant career in the corporate world. But foreign education means spending millions of rupees. From America to Australia, it is the same situation! Some relief for such people is through Part time jobs !! While studying students can work for a few hours in their spare time and earn at any cost. Here are the regulations for part-time jobs in respective countries.
Part time jobs
Foreign Education: Earn While You Study!!

If you want to study MS and other PG courses in America, the average tuition fee is between Rs 15 lakh and Rs 50 lakh.
Tuition fees for PG courses in the UK range from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 30 lakh.
Tuition fees in countries like Australia, Canada and France are in the millions!
In addition, 30 to 40 percent of the cost of living. It is difficult for anyone to afford such a large amount of expenses! Students enrolled in universities in those countries may have some relief with part-time jobs. 

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Part-time Jobs in the USA

The first destination of our students is America. But the tuition fees here are huge. Accommodation costs are also high. Part-time jobs facility is available for students enrolled in American universities. According to the current policy in the country, students from abroad have the opportunity to do part-time jobs in two ways.
The first year fee of the course can be earned by doing part-time jobs online or on-campus.
Second way - Opportunity to work in companies outside the campus for 12 to 24 months under the Optional Practical Training (OPT) approach. Accordingly, under the Pre-Completion OPT system, students can work part-time for 20 hours a week during the course and full time during the holidays. It should be in the companies belonging to the department for which the students are studying. This way you can earn at least $ 800 a month (over Rs. 59,000) through part-time jobs.

In the UK, Students can work 20 hours a week
Another important destination for our students in terms of foreign education is UK. Here also the opportunity to work part time is available. According to the UK Government's policies, students enrolled in courses with a Tier-4 Student Visa category lasting more than six months can work a minimum of ten hours and a maximum of 20 hours. You can also work part time for 40 hours a week during the holidays. Like this, one can earn from 120 to 150 pounds per week.

Part-time Jobs in Australia

According to part-time work rules in Australia, foreign students entering on a student visa can work up to 20 hours a week or a maximum of 40 hours a fortnight. Similarly, you can earn by working full time during the holidays. Doing so is likely to earn 300 to 400 Australian dollars a week.

Earn while you Study

Countries such as Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, and Singapore also offer part-time work opportunities to foreign students. Here, too, it is possible to work twenty hours a week. Wages are paid on the basis of working hours in Canada and Singapore. You can earn a minimum of ten dollars an hour and a maximum of 20 dollars in the currencies of those countries. Earn up to $ 150 a week in Singapore.

Earn with internship

Paid internships are now available for foreign students in many countries. Depending on the duration of the course, students studying in the second and third years can apply for an internship in a company with the permission of their university. If selected, these companies will hire you as a paid intern for a maximum period of three months. During this time you can get a maximum salary of up to Rs 50,000 per month in our currency.

Research‌ Assistance‌

Another approach available in terms of part-time work for foreign education students is the Research Assistance Ship. That is, if the students are doing research with the professors of the university where they are studying, they may have assistants. These professors provide financial support in the name of Research Assistance. Under this, you can receive at least Rs 40,000 per week.

Most of the part time work opportunities are available in local retail stores, restaurants, fuel filling stations, food stores and cafeterias. If they work in the field of the department they are studying, in addition to income, experience is also owned. That is why teaching assistants at university research professors should be encouraged to become research interns. This not only provides students with practical knowledge on their studies but also provides some income for expenses.

Balance is paramount
Students enrolled in foreign education must strike a balance between academics and work. It is not right to focus too much on part time jobs to reduce the burden of expenses. Immigration laws in those countries also do not allow working overtime.
–Sreekar, Director, Global Tree Academy

Part-time to full time

If you show better performance in part-time work, it is likely to turn into a full-time job. If you like, try for a full time job in the same company and try to get immigration permission. Therefore, it is better for students to do part time jobs in their respective academic disciplines as much as possible.

Ways to explore
Support centers at the university level support students who want to study and work part-time while studying abroad. These inform the students about the available part time job opportunities. Similarly, local student unions and alumni associations of the respective universities also provide handouts. In addition, students can register their details, qualifications and skills at the local job centers and register for the appropriate job. The respective job centers will provide details of job opportunities to the registered students.

Extra strength to the resume
If students work part time in their academic disciplines, it will give extra strength to the resume. Upon completion of the course, special recognition will be obtained from the institutions during the search for post‌ study work‌ in the respective countries. These organizations are interested in filing immigration petitions or sponsorship letters on behalf of students with similar experience. As a result, students' chances of getting a full-time job in that country will improve.

Without interruption to academics
Experts suggest that students who want to work part-time should take care not to interfere with academics. Classes, laboratories, practicals in many varsities abroad last until six o'clock in the evening. Under such circumstances students are increasingly opting for night shift jobs. This can have a negative impact on the health of students. The next day classes become harder to listen to and learn. So students should choose part-time jobs that do not interfere with self-study in addition to classroom teaching.

Published date : 05 Nov 2021 12:54PM

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