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Britain allays fears of new immigration rules hitting India

Chandigarh: Allaying fears that its stringent immigration rules will hit skilled Indian workers coming into UK, Britain today said adjustments in the rules have been e made to reduce the flow of immigrants in times of economic hardship.
UK's High Commissioner James Bevan said he had read a lot about the issue in the media but the fact was that we remain very much open for all kinds of visitors.
Maintaining that Indians were always welcome to UK, he told a press conference here that to suggest the door is closed was not true.

Bevan said adjustments in the rules were made to stop illegal immigrants and reduce the overall number of immigrants by letting in those who Britain thinks can contribute to the economy at the time of economic hardships.
Giving figures, he said last year Britain issued 30,000 visas to the Indian students, with rate of approval being 75 per cent.

Besides, as many as 60,000 Indian business community people were given visas last year, with 95 per cent of such applications being approved. He also informed that 95 per cent of the 2.5 lakh Indian visitors, who applied for it, were issued visas.

We are also serious in allowing the right kind of skilled immigrants, for example the IT professionals, he said, adding Britain had made exception to its rules by allowing inter-company transfer without any limit in the IT sector.

Replying to a question, Bevan said that he has been travelling to different parts of India recently, meeting people and felt there was a reverse brain-drain taking place because of opportunities opening up for the professionals back in India.
Published date : 24 May 2012 04:55PM

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