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Cost, Scholarships and Work Permit in Canada

The Cost of Studying in Canada
Studying in Canada is not free, but it is affordable. The average cost for a foreign student for one school year (8 months) in an Arts & Science program is C$ 11,903.
Canada offers the lowest tuition rates for foreign students compared to the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and the US. Rates at U.S. public universities were almost 1/3 higher than fees for Bachelor’s degrees in Canada, while U.S. private university fees were more than double.

Scholarships & Awards for International Students to study in Australia
Scholarships and awards for international students are available at some Canadian institutions for students with exceptional results. The amount and type of award varies from one institution to another. Obtaining a scholarship is competitive and applications must be made directly to each school.

For information on schools that have scholarships for international students at the secondary, language, certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and graduate school levels Click here

Other Scholarships for Studying in Canada
There are various organisations within Canada that administer scholarship programs but they are usually for graduate students and professors who are studying or researching a specific subject; Canadian studies are a typical area for which scholarships are awarded. Students should also check within their home country through public and private organisations for any financial assistance they may provide to students looking to study abroad.
Work and Study in Canada
On-Campus Work
Full-time students registered in a degree or diploma-granting course are allowed to work on the campus of the institution at which they are registered without the need for an employment authorization.
For more details Click here

Off-Campus Work
The Off-Campus Work Permit Program allows foreign students at some publicly-funded post-secondary educational institutions in Canada to work off campus while completing their studies.
For eligibility and requirements Click here

Post-Graduation Work
The post-graduation work program allows some graduating students to gain Canadian work experience in their field of study. Since May 16, 2005, this program has allowed certain students to work for up to two years after their graduation.
For eligibility and requirements Click here

Other Work and Study Programs
Eligibility and requirement information on work permits for students at private institutions, work permits for spouses or common-law partners, and co-op and internship programs can also be found on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.
For eligibility and requirements Click here

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Published date : 25 Nov 2010 02:20PM

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