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Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist Online Course

The Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist is a free online course offered by Microsoft conducted by the Edx. In this course you can learn how to drive adoption of cloud services from Microsoft to enable business outcomes.
Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist

About this course

  • In this introductory course you will learn the six critical elements of driving adoption of your Microsoft cloud services to deliver value to your company.
  • This course is applicable to any size company and uses Office 365 and Microsoft Teams as the example service to create real world scenarios.

What you'll learn

  • Drive adoption of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams for your organization as example workloads in a cloud service adoption strategy.
  • Write a collaboration and communications service strategy.
  • Utilize the Outcomes Matrix to quantify and select success measures.
  • Structure early adopter and champion programs.
  • Work with technical talent to ensure service readiness and quality.
  • Configure scalable user feedback methods.

Durations: 04 weeks

Timings: 2 – 4 hours per week


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