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Online Course For Developer

If you’re a beginner looking for a clear starting point to help you build a career or learn how to build AWS Cloud applications, we recommend you start with an AWS Learning Plan. This set of on-demand courses will help grow your technical skills as you learn about cloud developer and server less fundamentals, containers, and more. Learning Plans can also help prepare you for the AWS Certified Developer - Associate certification exam.
Online Course For Developer

About the Course:

  • AWS Learning Plans offer a suggested set of digital courses designed to give beginners a clear path to learn.
  • The AWS Developer Learning Plan eliminates the guesswork—you don’t have to wonder if you’re starting in the right place or taking the right courses.
  • You’ll be guided through a recommended curriculum built by AWS experts that you can take at your own pace. Complete the full plan, or choose the courses that interest you.
  • After you complete this plan, you’ll be better able to develop, deploy, and modernize applications on AWS.
  • You’ll have gained skills to enter careers as a developer, engineer, or DevOps engineer.
  • You’ll also have a better understanding of AWS services like AWS Lambda, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon Elastic Container Service, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, and more.

Learning Plan Structure

  • Introduction to Serverless Development
  • Getting into the Serverless Mindset
  • AWS Lambda Foundations
  • Amazon API Gateway for Serverless Applications
  • Amazon DynamoDB for Serverless Architectures
  • Architecting Serverless Solutions
  • Getting Started with DevOps on AWS
  • Build and Deploy APIs with a Serverless CI/CD
  • Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Developer – Associate (Digital)

Self Paced

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