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Musk warns Twitter employees; to cancel WFH and raise working hours!!

Elon Musk Warns Twitter Employees. He is heading to impose stricter rules and raise working hours.
Elon Musk Twitter

Elon Musk met with all the employees of the company for the first time after buying Twitter by spending lakhs of crores. On this occasion, Musk warned that Twitter is ready to go bankrupt if it does not explore more revenue streams.

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Twitter has issued a fresh warning amid the turmoil in the company after taking charge as the new boss. Already within two weeks, more than half of Twitter's staff, CEO and CFO have been issued pink slips. Employees have been ordered to stop working from home.

Now Twitter's Global Head of Safety & Integrity Yoel Roth and Sales Executive Robin Wheeler have also resigned from Twitter. But Musk rejected Wheeler's resignation. He insisted him to continue in the organization. However, several reports have surfaced that Musk did this to protect his personal and professional relationships.

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No free food, no work from home
In the meeting held with the employees, Musk warned the employees. He asked them to work 80 hours a week.He also said that there would be no free food, incentives will be provided based on the performance of employees, and work from home will be cancelled. He asked the employees to resign if they don;t follow the new rules.

Published date : 11 Nov 2022 03:45PM

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