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IIT-Roorkee establishes new school of data science and artificial intelligence


With a vision to cater to the growing global demand for data analytics and artificial intelligence experts, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee has set up a new school of data science and artificial intelligence.

Under this collaboration, the new school will offer bachelor, master, and doctoral degree programmes. The school will welcome its first cohort of bachelor’s degree students in September 2022.

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The objective of the school is to develop new and skilled manpower in the areas of data science and artificial intelligence along with an aim to empower existing manpower by offering focused trainings and certifications in these fields.

The school will be established in collaboration with the US-based Mehta Family Foundation (MFF) and will be housed in a new dedicated building at the IIT Roorkee campus.

In addition to the infrastructure, renowned experts in the field of AI will actively participate in designing the curriculum, faculty recruitment, monitoring and suggesting new research ideas to the Indian students of this school. These experts will also facilitate student scholarships and faculty exchange programmes.

Rahul Mehta, chief executive officer, Mehta Family Foundation, said, “AI-driven technologies are rapidly transforming our world. Academic collaborations like between international faculty and institutes can produce individuals poised to address such ongoing global challenges as climate change, resource sustainability, and security.”

The other objectives of the school include seeding entrepreneurship and startups related to data science and artificial intelligence and creating resource centres for information and knowledge sharing.

Published date : 28 Sep 2021 04:43PM

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