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TS EAMCET Counselling 2022 Trends: Demand for CSE, IT, ECE Branches

The increase in seats in computer science course has affected the first round of TS EAMCET 2022 engineering counselling.
TS EAMCET Counselling 2022

Many students are confident that if they leave their seat in the respective courses in the first round of counselling, they will get the seat of their choice in the second round. It seems that the same opinion is held in the case of colleges. With the increase in seats, there is hope among them that this time they will get a seat in another college. Apart from this, those who get seats in IIT, NIT, IIIT can opt out of EAMCET counselling. Students are thinking that this will help them get a better course and admission in a better college. 

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Seat Allocation

  • A total of 71,286 seats are ready under convener quota for all types of courses for the first round of engineering counseling in Telangana state. Out of these 60,208 seats have been allocated.
  • As of September 13, only 43,000 people have done self-reporting.
  • Even though 17 thousand people got seats, they felt that they did not like it and refrained from reporting.
  • Most of these people are aspiring for seats in computer science or IT, and finally electronics and communication engineering courses.
  • 9,240 computer science course seats increased in the first phase are not available.
  • Even the students who got rank below 25000 have given up the opportunity in the first phase to get a better college and seat .
  • Some students got a seat in Computer Science (CSE) but did not join in the first phase, waiting for courses like Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

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TS EAMCET 2nd Phase Counselling 2022

The second phase of counseling will start on September 28. Experts say that more than 12,000 seats will be available and JEE rankers will not compete much in EAMCET counseling this time. It is estimated that most of the students with ranks below 5000 will not compete this time and only 50 percent of the students with ranks below 10000 will compete. So students with a rank below 40 thousand are suggested to try to compete for the desired college and seat. It is said that even if the above rank students put aside the matter of college, they can try to get the desired seat anywhere and succeed.

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Published date : 16 Sep 2022 05:57PM

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