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India-Maldives Navigation Chart

India Maldives Navigation Chart
India Maldives Navigation Chart


  • During a three–day visit to the Maldives, Chief of Naval Staff (CNS), Adm R. Hari Kumar unveiled the first navigation chart that has been jointly produced by India and Maldives.
  • He also handed over hydrography equipment to strengthen the Maldivian National Defence Forces’ (MNDF) capabilities.
  • He also visited the maritime assets of the MNDF maritime and praised the joint efforts of the Indian Navy and the MNDF for maintaining these assets’ role worthiness.
  • A consignment of engineering equipment was also presented by the CNS for further sustenance of the MNDF ships.
  • India is committed to enhancing the MNDF’s capacity-building efforts.
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Published date : 25 Apr 2022 07:33PM

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