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Border Haat at India-Bangladesh border in Meghalaya opens after two years

Border Haat
Border Haat
  • The Border Haat at Bangladesh-Meghalaya border was opened  after a gap of two years. The decision to open the Border Haat between Balat in East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya and Lauwaghar at Dalora in Sunamganj District of Bangladesh was taken by the Joint Border Haat Management Committee on 19 April.
  • The Border Haat management committee has also decided to reopen two more Haats in next month. The Haat between Ryngku in East Khasi Hills of Meghalaya and Bagan Bari in Duara Bazar, Sunamganj district of Bangladesh will open on 12th May. The Haat between Nalikata in South West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya and Saydabad at Tahirpur in Sunamganj district of Bangladesh is scheduled to be opened on 16th May.  
  • At present, India and Bangladesh have seven established Border Haats and nine more new Border Haats are in the pipeline.  Border Haats enable local residents on both sides of the border to trade the local produce. At the Border Haats local community from Bangladesh and India gets an opportunity to sell locally produced agricultural and horticultural products, small agriculture and household goods, minor forest products, fresh and dry fish, cottage industry items, wooden furniture, handloom and handicraft items, etc.
Published date : 28 Apr 2022 04:55PM

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