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UPSC Civils Prelims 2024 Question Paper Analysis: Topic-Wise No. of Questions

UPSC Civils prelims 2024 exam is held on June 16th. The Union Public Service Commission is conducting the Civil Services 2024 for 1056 Vacancies. Below is the analysis on number of questions appeared in prelims GS exams 2024.
Overview of questions in UPSC Civils prelims GS exam 2024  UPSC Civils Prelims 2024 Analysis  Analysis of GS exam questions in UPSC Civil Services 2024  UPSC Civils Prelims 2024 Question Paper Analysis: Topic-Wise No. of Questions

UPSC Prelims Exam 2024 Paper 1 (General Studies): Subject-wise No. of Questions

  • Polity -20
  • International Relations-14
  • Geography-18
  • Environment-13
  • Economy -11
  • Science & Tech-11
  • Ancient, Medieval-4
  • Modern History -1
  • Miscellaneous-5 (Army, Defence ,Books)

UPSC Civils Prelims 2024 Question Paper with key

Last 10 Years trends in the UPSC Prelims

Analyzing the trends in the UPSC Prelims examination over the past decade reveals significant insights into the evolving focus areas across various subjects. The data spans from 2013 to 2023, covering topics such as History, Geography, Polity, Art & Culture, Environment, Science & Technology, and Economics.


The number of questions from History has shown slight variations but remains relatively stable. Peaks were observed in 2014 (20 questions) and 2018 (22 questions), indicating a high emphasis on historical knowledge in these years.


Questions from Geography have fluctuated significantly, with the lowest count in 2016 (7 questions) and the highest in 2013 (18 questions). Recent years show a stable interest with 16 questions each in 2022 and 2023.


Polity questions have mostly remained consistent, ranging from 7 to 17 questions over the years. Notable dips were seen in 2016 (7 questions) and 2021 (11 questions), with a peak in 2019 (15 questions).

Art & Culture:

This subject has seen a decline in focus, especially in recent years. The highest number of questions was in 2014 (10 questions), but no questions were asked in 2022 and 2023.


The importance of environmental studies has been relatively high, with peaks in 2013 (17 questions) and 2016 (18 questions). Recent years have shown consistent interest with 14 questions in 2023.

Science & Technology:

The focus on Science & Technology has varied, with a peak in 2014 (16 questions) and a dip in 2016 (8 questions). The recent trend shows moderate interest with 12 questions each in 2022 and 2023.


Economics has seen consistent attention with a noticeable peak in 2013 (19 questions). The subject maintains a steady number of questions around 13-18, with 14 questions in both 2022 and 2023.

Trends and Implications:
Stability in Core Subjects: History, Polity, and Economics have remained stable core subjects with consistent question counts, reflecting their foundational importance in the UPSC syllabus.
Variable Focus: Geography and Science & Technology have shown variable trends, suggesting changing emphases possibly due to evolving global and national scenarios.
Decline in Art & Culture: The significant reduction in questions from Art & Culture in recent years indicates a shift in priority, perhaps making way for more contemporary issues.
Sustained Interest in Environment: The steady number of questions on Environment highlights the growing importance of environmental issues in public administration and policy-making.

The analysis of the last ten years of UPSC Prelims questions highlights the dynamic nature of the examination's focus areas. Aspiring candidates should note these trends to better strategize their preparation, ensuring they allocate adequate attention to both stable core subjects and the more variable ones that reflect contemporary issues. As the UPSC continues to adapt its examination to current affairs and emerging topics, staying informed of these trends will be crucial for success.

Published date : 18 Jun 2024 10:35AM

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