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Corona Time: Universities in Foreign Countries offer relaxation in eligibility rules and fees

Universities in Canada, the UK, and Australia are exempting from the IELTS and TOEFL scores, which are standard language tests.
The decision is said to have been made due to the lack of attendance for tests due to lockdowns. Many universities also offer exemptions from the GRE, GMAT, SAT, ACT test scores and pass requirements specifically required for the respective specialized courses.

Many foreign universities are trying to impress students by following innovative approaches. From application to admission offer, everything is done online. In addition, remote learning and hybrid teaching are provided to students who have secured admission

Everything is online
Currently, universities in almost all countries, from application to admission, follow the online procedure. In fact, the online application process is already in place. But it is also in the best interest of the students to give the latest admission letters online and give them the opportunity to approve them online. This procedure is being made available under the name of Provisional Admission.

Remote learning
Many countries have banned travel due to the corona. Only those who have completed the vaccination and have a negative report of Covid are allowed to enter their country. Universities in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, etc., have decided on provisional admission and are teaching through online classes. Students who have been given such an opportunity are required to show proof that they have applied for visa. They say they can attend live classes on campus once conditions improve and visas are granted.

Hybrid model
Another innovative approach currently being followed by the respective varsities in terms of teaching foreign education is Hybrid Model. It is online and offline integrated educational teaching. Students, those are admitted last year to attend live classes and are gone home on vacation and cannot come to the university again are taught online. Those who have finalized admission this academic year are also expected to continue this hybrid model. Students who have finalized their admission will be allowed to enter their institute online until classes are available. After that, classes will be taught offline.

Digital facilities
Foreign universities in terms of online teaching are making digital facilities available for students. Syllabus elements provide digital library facility and virtual laboratories facility of relevant books. In addition, they are setting up online groups specifically for students to interact with the faculty of their institutes. Students can also listen to live lectures and pre-recorded lectures. For students from countries that differ in terms of time zones, this is a bit of a cohesive topic. Experts suggest to attend the live lectures online.

Fee discounts
Under the current circumstances, universities in many countries are becoming financially vulnerable to international students, especially offering discounts on fees. Students are also given the opportunity to apply for scholarships available within the respective university. Universities in Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom are said to be at the forefront in this regard.

Students in dilemma
Students who want to go abroad for study are in dilemma in view of the current situation. They are unable to decide whether to leave this year, or finalize admissions online and make sure not to waste time. Despite the assurances given by the universities, the students are worried about when and how the corona conditions will change. On the one hand the postponement of the academic examinations in the country and the commencement of admission for spring session are making the situation even worse for them to decide.

Postponement if necessary
Many people are of the opinion that postponing foreign education for one year is better than making a decision without clarity in the current situation. It is a good idea to complete additional online courses at this time or joining any job. It would be better for them if these online courses and job experience are added in their resumes and they will be given priority in terms of admissions in the future.

Looking towards America
America is chosen as the first destination of students in terms of study abroad. According to a recent survey, 42.6 per cent of all overseas aspiring students are inclined towards the US. Only 16 percent were interested in Canada, which is followed by the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Students are interested in campus life than online classes
Although online, remote and hybrid methods are available, it seems that students in our country are interested in direct teaching. This will improve intercultural skills. In addition, students are of the opinion that direct teaching is better.

Precautions to be taken by students
  • Utilize the facilities of virtual tours provided by the universities. Their facilities, courses, quality standards should be examined.
  • You need to know the authenticity of these institutions through the information on the Universities website as well as other means.
  • Considering the list of institute rankings, the best universities should be identified.
  • Contact the students who are already studying there to know about the quality standards of the respective institutes.
  • Know the facilities offered in the online teaching-learning process.
  • Be aware of the facilities provided in the case of Faculty Interaction, Peer Group Interaction.
  • Be vigilant.

Students need to be vigilant about foreign education in the current circumstances. Although many universities offer all the facilities online ... you need to know the information about them thoroughly. In addition, know the latest immigration policies and Covid protocols in the respective countries.
- Shreekar, Global Tree Academy
Published date : 22 Jun 2021 05:22PM

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