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Good jobs and lakhs of salaries with MBA and PGDM

Young generation is crazy about management courses. The reason is high payments and good job opportunities, which are attracting them nationally and internationally. With any degree you can join Management PG courses and the candidates with Engineering + Management PG have more existing and promising jobs.

Usually, management courses means MBA, PGDM / PGPM. Are MBA and PGDM / PGPM same? Duration, fee, job opportunities, salaries are same for both? So many questions... Let us know about the courses and job details of management programmes....

The frequently heard names in management courses are MBA (Master of Business Administration) -MBA is a Master's Course. .. PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) .. PGPM (Post Graduate Program in Management). In fact, these are two-year courses and academically both are equal.

MBA: MBA degree is issued by the government recognized universities and affiliated colleges.

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) accredited colleges and self-financing educational institutions will issue PGDM / PGPM certificates and diplomas.
The Association of Indian Universities has announced that both MBA and PGDM courses are equivalent in the hiring process.

Different Curriculum
Universities decide the MBA course curriculum and follow it and can't change it.
The institutions offering PGDM courses are autonomous. These include top colleges like IIMs, XLRI and ISB. Since they are not affiliated to any university, the curriculum is subject to change frequently. The curriculum varies from time to time depending on market and company needs.

MBA admissions in Telugu states is through ICET.
IIMs, self-financed institutes like ISBs (Indian School of Business) and XLRIs conduct Entrance Test exclusively for admission to Management PG (PGDM / PGPM) courses. IIMs provide admission based on CAT score, GD and interview. Other institutes will have admissions based on the CAT / MAT / GMAT score.

In universities and affiliated colleges, the fee is low compared to self-financing B-schools. The MBA fee in Government University College is Rs. 35000 and in university affiliated private colleges, it usually does not exceed Rs.60,000.
But in self-financing institutes, PGDM / PGPM course fees range from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 35 lakh. It is not same in all 20 IIMs in the country. In IIM Ahmedabad, it is Rs .23 lakh while IIM Sirmur charging Rs .10.30 lakh. The PGPM course at ISB-Hyderabad costs more than Rs. 40 lakh.

Job opportunities
Actually in terms of job opportunities…MBA and PGDM / PGPM candidates have no big difference. Corporate companies prefer to hire candidates with the skills they are needed. When it comes to placements, factors like college name, alumni network, and student skills will matter.

It is difficult to say who will get higher salaries whether PGPM / PGDM or MBA candidates. IIM-Ahmedabad candidates' salaries vary from local university college students. Leading corporate companies prefer IIM Ahmedabad for recruitment. Whether it is MBA or PGDM / PGPM Course, studying in reputed institutes and selected for top companies in campus placements will definitely land you with good packages.

Last year, a national level company announced a package of Rs.37 lakhs per annum for ISB- PGPM candidate. In 2019 campus selections, 886 out of 1194 people had an average annual salary of Rs. 25.06 lakh. In IIM-Kolkata campus placements, a student received the highest salary of Rs. 75 lakh. Even MBA candidates at university campuses in Telugu states get attractive salaries.

MBA for higher education
If you want to pursue M.Phil or PhD after a Management PG, then MBA matters a lot. Foreign universities prefer MBA to pursue higher education. Experts opine that if you want a corporate job , join PGDM / PGPM and if you want to pursue higher education in the country, or abroad join MBA.

MBA- PGDM / PGPM-All are special in their own way
There is a lot difference in management education between Diplomas and MBA. Diploma courses are designed to meet the needs of companies. These courses are tailored to meet the demand. But MBA is not like that. If you want to pursue higher studies in Management, abroad, you should have a full time PG degree course. PG Diploma courses are not sufficient for higher education. Companies in campus selections look for students' academic background of grade points, internships. Internships in good companies offer equal opportunities for diploma and PG degrees.
- Dr. P. Jyothi, Dean of School of Management Studies, Hyderabad Central University.
Published date : 12 Jun 2020 04:59PM

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