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IVE(Innovation, Venturing, Entrepreneurship) -IN- Scheme for innovations

Research, innovation, investment, entrepreneurship, etc., are becoming immensely popular these days.
Students, professors, start-up aspirants etc., are looking for innovations and research in recent times. On the other hand, innovators are excited to become entrepreneurs... but don't know how? To give a helping hand and platform to these kind of innovators and entrepreneurs, the premier institutes like, IITs, IIMs, jointly launched a new special scheme, IVE-IN ((Innovation, Venturing, Entrepreneurship in India Network). Here are the guidelines, goals and specialities of IVE-IN.

Support for research
In IITs and IIMs, research, and on its basis, efforts towards innovation are given much importance. But the opportunity to engage in the research activities is only for the concerned Institute's students and professors. So, many are interested in Research and Innovation. But they have neither a chance nor a way for that. That's why, the premier institutes like IITs and IIMs want to address this issue and find a solution for it. Hence, the consortium of IITs and IIMs has recently designed a special scheme titled Innovation, Venturing and Entrepreneurship in India Network (IVE-IN). With this, the aspiring researchers of all the institutes from all over the country will benefit along with the concerned Institute's students and professors.
The five founding members of the institute

The faculty members of two IITs (Chennai and Mumbai) and three IIMs (Bangalore, Kolkata and Kozhikode) are the founding members of the IVE-IN program. They look at the design, review and finalize all the procedures for this scheme.

The main goals
It aimed to achieve four goals.
They are .. creating an interdisciplinary workforce with respect to research skills, thereby facilitating policy makers, academic groups, researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators and students.
Identifying the conditions of innovation, venture (investment) and entrepreneurship segments in the country.
Collaborate in formulating and implementing policy decisions at multiple levels.
The Academic Society must be established in order to create annual conferences, journal design and data sets.

Based on the proposals
Candidates should send the proposals with details of the area they are interested in. These proposals will be included in the IVE-IN Report.
IITs and IIMs have decided that the proposals that researchers send should be specific to certain disciplines.
Proposals must be sent on the theme of the IVE-IN -2020 Report. They should be related to industry trends in innovation, investment in entrepreneurship.
The innovations / solutions of the researchers should be based entirely on relevant data.
The design of the report should focus on the Indian conditions.
Not only researchers and academicians, others can also send their proposals and publications regarding the innovation and venture ecosystem.

Who are eligible?
IITs and IIMs are open to all. Faculty members, Research Scholars, Policy Makers, Corporations, Incubators, Entrepreneurs, Fund Managers, Scientists, Innovation Managers, Investors, etc. Anyone interested can join the IVE-IN Network. They can broaden the horizon of opportunities.

It is expected that the joint venture of IITs and IIMs will bring huge benefits through IVE-IN. This will enable partnerships between diverse people who are already in the areas of innovation, venturing and entrepreneurship. This can create an atmosphere where people with intellectual powers do wonders.
How to apply:
Those interested can send their proposals to before the stipulated date. After the proposals are reviewed by the team of experts, the aspirants who are selected can be given opportunity for research.

Focus on three areas
Policy makers are focusing on innovation, venturing and entrepreneurship in the country right now. These three sectors contribute to the economic growth of the country and make India an innovation hub. IVE-IN is a good idea. This will provide the highest level of research in the area of innovation.
- Prof. A. Thillai Rajan, DMS, IIT, Chennai
Published date : 01 Apr 2020 02:26PM

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