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Interview Tips

Before attending the interview, ensure that you have all information about the company including its product range, businesses in which it operates and recent news features. Being informed revels that you are keen enthusiastic to join the company.

Body language
Always maintain eye contact with the interviewer. It reveals your confidence. Never droop in the chair. Sit upright and keep track of your hand movements while answering questions.

Prepare for basic open - ended questions
The interview is a process by which the interviewer can judge whether you match the requirements both academically and as a person. Generally, the interviewer will throw up some open - ended question like "Tell me about yourself". This is meant to relax the applicant. This can be used as an opportunity to divert the interview into your areas of strength.

Open - ended questions like those on hobbies, achievements, etc reveal a great deal about you as a person. Treat these questions very seriously.

Listen to the question before answering it. Understand what the interviewer is looking for. If you need time to think about the answer, request for the same. Most interviewers would comply with such a request. But after you have taken time to think, better come up with a good answer.

Ask questions
Generally, the last question of the interview is "Do you have any questions about the company?" Use this opportunity to ask something relevant about the company. If you do not ask any questions at this point, chances are that you may come across as a person who is not keen to join the company.

Be yourself
Do not try to be someone you are not during an interview. Be natural. An interview is a process by which the candidate and the interviewer get to know each other and the candidate's role in the organization is established. Any mask that you may don for the interview will wear down in no time.

Mock interviews
It is always a good idea to attend mock interviews and use the feedback to improve your interview skills.
Published date : 26 Apr 2011 07:49PM

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