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Ways to become an expert English speaker!!

Due to globalization, the glitters of English are spread all over the world. Whether, you consider a work place, college or a public speaking… English has become compulsory. Being able to speak English is more difficult than people realize. Don't worry any longer. We are here to give you the foundation you need to communicate effectively in English.
Is it hard to learn…? Actually…‘No’. English is an excellent language to study. Learning any language requires hard work, commitment and a willingness to make mistakes, and English is no different. Mistakes are experiences and experiences will make you learn. Read below to gather information about learning English.

3 ways to improve spoken English…
  1. Lexico Grammar: Lexicon is nothing but a dictionary. A sentence with meaningful vocabulary is called as lexico grammar. There is a difference between English and Telugu vocabulary. English speaking skills can be improved by having tons of vocabulary.
  2. Spoken forms: For convenience, the auxiliary verbs are spoken in short forms. Such as,
    • I am – I’m
    • They have – They’ve
    • She has – She’s ….. And so on...
    This is considered as a typical quality of English language.
  3. Synonyms, Antonyms, Homophones, Phrasal Verbs, and Idioms are helpful to improve your English language. They should be used according to the situation. The usage of these will just add a flavor to your writings and words.

5 Key points to learn English
The 5 most important key points to learn English are:
  1. Helping verbs: The Helping verbs are also called as Auxiliary verbs. They add functional or grammatical meaning to the clauses in which they appear. They will always appear together with a main verb, and though there are only a few of them. They are among the most frequently occurring verbs in the English language. So, try to identify and concentrate on these verbs. The most common used auxiliary verbs are have, be, and do.
  2. Articles: The 3 articles in English are “A, An and The”. The learner has to decide about which one of the articles should be used. In English, sometimes it is not necessary to use an article in a sentence. So, the English learners, on the other hand, need to have some guidelines for making the right choice from articles.
  3. Prepositions: For example, in English, we say near Hyderabad. Prepositions are used in English whereas post-positions are used in Telugu language. Prepositions provide additional and necessary information details for a sentence. Some of the prepositions used in English are: in, on, at, about, behind, for etc. Learners should try to learn the usage of prepositions in a sentence.
  4. Pronunciation: Correct, clear pronunciation is essential if you really want to improve your level of English. Listen closely to how native English speakers pronounce certain words and sounds and do your best to copy them. Pay particular attention to any sounds that you are unfamiliar with or that do not exist in your native tongue. To improve your pronunciation, use phonetics beside the words placed in an oxford dictionary. Having correct pronunciation will help you to express yourself correctly.
  5. Syntax: The Syntax is also called as Strict Word Order. You can’t just throw any words together to make a sentence! Sentences will also follow from structural rules in order to make sense, called as syntax. For example, “this pen is a”… this doesn’t make a sentence! “This is a Pen”… Much better and can be called as a meaningful sentence.

Tips for students from Rural background…
These tips are not only helpful for students from rural background but also useful for everyone.
  • Listen… to others, a Radio, or watch an English news channel in television to improve your speaking skills.
  • Try to concentrate on your pronunciation. This may help you while you are expressing.
  • Never hesitate to speak in front of others.
  • Work on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills.
  • Give some time for reading English books, novels and newspapers daily. Whether you understand them or not that’s secondary…!!! Just read it.
  • Mail your friends, workmates in English.
  • Say “No” to shortcuts while you are texting in mobiles.

Books on English learning
There are many books to learn English. Some of the popular books which help you to gain knowledge in English are:
  1. Practical English Usage by Michael swan
  2. English Errors of Indian Students by TLH Smith
  3. Spoken English, 6 Audio cassettes + 3 Books by the English and Foreign Languages University-EFLU, Hyderabad
  4. Spoken English by Dr. Lanka Adinarayana, Neelkamal Publications.
  5. English 400 programme by Orient Longman, Hyderabad

English lectures in Audio or CD format
English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) has published books and audio cassettes like Fun time, Story time, Makers and Finders, Spoken English etc for children and students who are willing to learn english from basics. Karadi Tales Pvt. Ltd, a private company has released English stories in the form of audio cassettes and CDs.
For more details, you can also visit their websites:,

Video lessons on English…
On We Go, Follow Me (Part 1), Follow Me (Part 2), Starting Business English are some of the video lessons by BBC. Mind Your Language is also a video tutorial for enthusiastic English learners.

Is there any use of joining a spoken English tutorial?
If you have a strong desire to learn English as quickly as possible, joining an institute is not the solution. Because, there are people who have learnt English without going to an institute. And there are also people who joined and gained nothing. If you are willing to join the tutorial, then it is well and good. But, it is advised to show commitment towards learning English. Before joining, you should enquire about the lecturers and their qualifications, syllabus and way of teaching in the institute.

Communication Skills
A successful career can be lead by having good communication skills. And moreover some of the recruitment companies are paying more attention towards English speaking skills than subject knowledge. So, it is necessary to have good communication skills with your colleagues and for working with a team.

For having good communication skills, it is important to have language. So, you should concentrate on English from the very first day of your joining in the college. You can improve your English skills by…. Reading English newspapers; Speaking in english with your friends and faculty members; Participating in essay and debate competitions held by the college; Paying more attention towards the words that we use in our daily life; These tips may help you in a job interview. Having good communication skills will increase your self confidence. Apart from English speaking skills, you should also work on your soft skills like teamwork, overcoming stress, positive attitude.

Websites to learn English
There are so many websites to learn English. Some of the important websites for learners are...

Dr. Vangipuram Srinathachary
Asst. Professor
Palamur University

“Learn English to Use it...!”
Published date : 06 Nov 2015 04:55PM

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