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Sankranti Holidays 2023: Check List of Holidays in January 2023

Sankranthi holidays are the first in new year 2023, as they are in January. Check the list of holidays.
Sankranti holidays 2023

Republic Day is also in month of January on 26th. Most of the holidays in January 2023 are on Sundays and second Saturdays. This will be a little disappointment for students and employees.

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The government has declared 1st January as a general holiday. As January 1st falls on a Sunday, students and employees missed the chance to get additional leave. And Bhogi is on 14th January. The government declared a general holiday on that day as well. However, that day is the second Saturday. Students are losing another holiday due to this.

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Sankranti is the day after Bhogi on January 15. Another disappointment is that Sankranti falls on a Sunday, which is also a holiday. The Telangana government has announced an optional holiday for the Kanuma festival on Monday, January 16.

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Republic Day falls on Thursday 26th January. With this, government and private offices as well as educational institutions will have a holiday on that day. January 8th, 22nd and 29th are Sundays. So there will be a holiday on those days anyway. Also, January 28 is the fourth Saturday, so banks will have a holiday on that day.

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Published date : 26 Dec 2022 11:37AM

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