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 [సందిగ్ధంగా] > < [అనిశ్చితంగా]
 The adjective ambiguous means doubtful or unclear, open to more than one interpretation.
 E.g., The message is ambiguous. We cannot decide the meanings as in: I saw a man with telescope on the hill. Here the confusion is "Who is on the hill? Who has the telescope? The speaker or the man on the hill.''

 The adjective "ambivalent" means holding opposing attitudes or feelings toward a person, object, or idea.

 Eg. Some politicians are ambivalent. We cannot tell which side they are.

 Eg. He made an ambivalent statement on the police encounter of Chatanpally criminals. We cannot make out if he is supporting the police action or not.

 As a general rule, statements and assertions can be ambiguous... and people can be ambivalent.
Published date : 16 Dec 2019 02:18PM

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