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We have been learning Phrasal Verbs with different Verbs in some issues. This issue deals with Phrasal Verbs that can be derived with the verb 'COUNT'.
count down: to count backwards to zero, esp like in the launching of a space vehicle. It is also used in other senses. Eg. The count down for his fall has begun. 
count as: [గణనలోకి  తీసుకోవడం]
The city councils in Britain count their libraries as an important part of public service. E.g. Supply of cooking fuel is counted as the duty of the government in India.
count on / upon: [ఆధార  పడటం], depend on Eg. In coalition governments, the ruling party counts on the support of their allies. 
count out: not to include. [లెక్కలోకి  తీసుకోకపోవడం ] 
 Eg. Please count me out of the programme. I'm not interested.
count up: to find the total of something. Eg. Count up all your gift boxes; make sure that we have one for each child in the ashram.
Published date : 13 Nov 2019 03:38PM

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