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Active Voiceను PASSIVE Voiceలోకి ఎలా మార్చాలి?

Passive voice is used when the focus is on the action (things done). (అంటే చేసే వ్యక్తి కంటే చేసిన పని ముఖ్యం అరుునప్పుడు ఉపయోగిస్తాం. Many times it is not important or not known, who is performing the action. అవసరం కూడా లేదు.
Eg: » My car was stolen. /Milk is sold here
       » Computer courses are taught in this institute.
       » Hyderabad was named after its founder in 1816.
In the examples above, the focus is on the facts. Sometimes a statement in Passive is more polite than Active Voice, as the following example shows:
Eg:   » A mistake was made.
[ఫలానా వాళ్లు చేసారు అనే దాని కంటే]

Form of Passive
A letter was written.
When rewriting Active sentences in Passive Voice, Follow the following steps:
  • The object of the active sentence becomes the subject of the passive sentence.
  • The form of the verb is changed.
  • మారిన కొత్త object ముందర by పెట్టాలి .
Eg: My grandmother planted this tree.
          sub                      verb    obj
This tree was planted by my grandmother.
Active Voice నుంచి Passive Voice లోకి మార్చినప్పుడు Verb కింది విధంగా మారుతుంది:
Active voice Passive voice
eats is eaten
is teaching is being taught
gave was given
was keeping was being kept
has given has been given
had taught had been taught
will give will be given
would keep would be kept
having given having been given

Active: They sell milk here.
Passive: Milk is sold here.
(Who sells milk is not important. That's why no agent is required.)
Active: You must close these doors.
Passive: These doors must be closed.

Passive Voice is chiefly used
When the doer of an action is not important.
(E.g. Streets are swept every day.)

In the absence of information or insufficient information.
(Eg. The car was serviced.)

When the agent is 'someone' 'people' etc. we omit the agent and also 'by' before it.

IT concessions are not given to salaried employees.
When we have to tone down a statement or disclaim it. ఒక విషయం చెప్పడానికి మొహమాటం పడేటప్పుడు .

This seal is already broken.
(in stead of saying: Have you opened it?)

Now-a-days expressions in Passive Voice are not encouraged. Active expressions take fewer words.
The following sub-tenses do not have Passive voice structures. కాబట్టి వాటిని Active Voiceలోనే ఉపయోగించాలి .
Present Perfect Continuous Tense
(eg. It has been raining since morning.)

Past Perfect Continuous Tense
(eg. He had been wearing saffron
[కాషాయ] clothes for 5 years.)

· Future Perfect Continuous Tense
(eg. By this time next week, Jyoti will have been celebrating her birthday.)

· Future Continuous Tense
(eg. They will be finishing the work soon.)

»Making Passive sentences in Simple Present
1. the documents/prepare
2. the shoes/buy
3. the letter/send
4. the food/eat/not
5.the bike/wash

1) The documents are prepared.
2) The shoes are bought.
3) The letter is sent.
4) The food is not eaten.
5) The bike is washed.

» Making Passive sentences in Present Perfect
1. Someone has closed the door.
2. Some people have planted the saplings.
3. We have not locked the door.
4. The tenant has not paid the rent yet.
5. We have not reserved the seats.
1) The door has been closed.
2) The saplings have been planted.
3)The door has not been locked.
4)The rent has not been paid yet.
5)The seats have not been reserved.

» Making Passive sentences in Future
1. The police will arrest the thief.
2. They will publish the news.
3. We will not accept cheques.
4. The photographer will take the photo.
5. They will paint the house.

1) The thief will be arrested.
2) The news will be published.
3) Cheques will not be accepted.
4)The photo will be taken.
5)The house will be painted.

» Change the following sentences into Passive/Active voice.
1) They should obey my orders.
2) They are watching a movie now.
3) They have not understood the problem.
4) Please stop talking.
5) Now a days,baggage is being thoroughly checked by the police at the airports.

1) My orders should be obeyed.
2) A movie is being watched by them now.
3) The problem has not been understood by them.
4) Let talking be stopped.
5) Now-a-days the police are checking the baggage thoroughly at the airports.
Published date : 10 Feb 2020 03:02PM

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