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Idioms 4

 Hobson's choice: A Hobson's choice is a choice in which only one thing is offered.
 In other words, one may "take it or leave it". తప్పనిసరిగా స్వీకరించేది; గత్యంతరం లేనిది
  Eg. The Supreme Court judgement was like a Hobson's choice for the government.
  After looking at so many girls, ultimately, he had to marry his own cousin. It was a Hobson's choice.

to be in pink of health
: to be in good health
When someone's described as 'in the Pink', that means he is in peak physical condition. Eg. Sambasiva Rao recovered from his illness in 3 months, and is now in the pink of health.

pull one's leg:
to tease someone, to deceive someone playfully 
Eg. We were just pulling your leg, don't worry! (ఆట పట్టించడం)

hit the sack:
to go to bed [The origin for this idiom has rural background. In olden days, beds were made of sacks filled with hay. Before sleeping farmers used to hit them with a stick just to make sure there is no dust/ or bugs.]
  Eg. After a long drive, we hit the sack early.

to drive nuts: to make someone crazy, to irritate someone [పిచ్చి ఎక్కించే విధంగా]
  Eg. Our neighbour's dog's incessant (constant) barking drives me nuts.
Published date : 02 Dec 2019 06:33PM

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