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Either, Neitherలను or, nor లేకుండా వాడవ చ్చా?

Either is always paired with or, and neither is always paired with nor. If you are matching either and nor, you're doing it wrong. Additionally, nor is generally not used where neither is  also not used.
Either, Neitherలను ఎప్పుడూ, or/nor తోనే వాడాలనుకొంటారు కొంతమంది. వాటిని విడిగా కూడా వాడవచ్చు. మనం ఈ సంచికలో వాటిని విడిగా ఎలా వాడాలో, or/nor లతో ఎలా వాడాలో తెలుసుకొందాం.
 మనకు రెండు options ఉన్నప్పుడు, either అంటే రెండిటిలో ఒకటే అనే అర్థంలో వాడతాం. 
 Eg. You can have either coffee or tea, - which one would you like?
 Please visit us either on Saturday or Sunday!
 If he is  not in his seat, he is either in the meeting room or out for lunch with a client.
 When you don't care about the choice, you could respond, 'Either one'. (ఏదైనా సరే ).ఇంకాpoliteగా చెప్పాలంటే,'Either one, whatever everyone is having.'
 NEITHER కాదు / వద్దు అనే సందర్భంలో వాడుతాం.Eg. He speaks neither English nor Hindi. ఇంకో రకంగా చెప్పాలంటే, Eg. He does not speak either English or Hindi.ఇందులో not వాడాల్సి వస్తుంది. అయినా అది అంత బాగుండదు
 Eg. My father doesn't like to travel. My mother also doesn't like to travel.
 Neither my father nor my mother likes to travel. OR Neither of my parents like to travel. (This is better way.)
 Another one: Q: Do you want a sandwich or a piece of pizza?
 Ans: Neither, I don't eat processed food. Or Neither, I'm not hungry.
 Either also can be used in this way.
 Eg. Samba: I can't swim. Me: Either me. Or I can't either.
 When we use both either/neither … or/nor.
we should remember that we can use these phrases when choice is only in between two. Otherwise, we have to use 'none'.
 Eg. None of them (more than two) attended the class.
 Eg. None of us was willing to travel in rain. (A group bigger than two.)
 Neither, was willing to travel in rain. (A couple.)
Published date : 07 Nov 2019 04:45PM

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