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Mistakes in 10th Class 2024 Biology Exam: SSC Announces Marks for the Students Affected by Exam Errors!!

Good news for students who took the SSC 10th class exams! The board has acknowledged confusion caused by errors in the biology question paper and is taking steps to ensure fairness.
TS 10th Class Extra Marks

Mistakes in TS 10th Class 2024 Biology Exam

During the March 28th TS 10th class biology exam, inconsistencies were found between the English and Telugu versions of Question 6 (Section 2). This led to student concerns. The discrepancy between the questions asked in English and Telugu mediums added to the confusion among students. 

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Numerous concerns were raised with the board regarding this matter. After thorough discussion, the expert committee submitted a report to the board, confirming that the question was not in line with the blueprint procedure. 

Marks will be awarded

Consequently, marks will be awarded for these two questions. Additionally, students attempting the first two questions will receive 2 marks, and marks will be awarded for supplementary answers in the fifth question of the second section. Furthermore, the board officials have issued instructions to examiners regarding errors in the math paper related to Urdu medium.

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Regarding the 10th class results:
The Telangana 10th class answer evaluation is currently underway across 11 districts. Staff are working diligently from 9 am to 6 pm, correcting 40 answer sheets each day. The spot valuation process is scheduled to conclude on April 11th. Subsequently, after verifying technical aspects and entering marks, the 10th class results are anticipated to be released in the last week of April 2024.

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Published date : 05 Apr 2024 02:55PM

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