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General admission requirements to study in Germany

Undergraduate programs: Equivalent qualification of German recognised secondary school leaving certificate

Postgraduate programs: Equivalent qualification of First degree at undergraduate level. Credits plays important role for this programs.

Academic Transcripts: Certified copies of all academic transcripts.(Xerox or Original depending upon the University/Institue).

Evidence of English language requirements (TOEFL/IELTS etc.,)
International Degree Programmes sometimes require proof of English language proficiency.
Standardized tests
Curriculum vitae/resume
An outline of your proposed research. (For Research programs)
Statement of financial resources (Ex. Government support or scholarship or own financial sitution).
International students need to be able to prove that they have at least 8,000 euros per academic year.
Cover letter
Statements of purpose or personal essays
Recommendation letters

Standard test:
  • If student secondary school certificate is not recognized for university entrance in Germany, he has to take an entrance examination – feststellungsprufung
  • Few subjects like art, design, music and sport requires proof of particular aptitude test
  • Some universities require general academic or scholastic aptitude tests (Eignungsfeststellungsprüfungen) for subjects in strong demand
Student chosen higher education entrance qualification should be equivalent to the German qualification on DAAD (The German Academic Exchange Service - German Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) Admissions data base.

Germany universities did’t use to charge tuition fee, but this has meanwhile changed. Some federal states are charging fees, others are about to abolish them. Contacting or navigating website of student selected university is better way.

Approximate Tuition Fee
  • Undergraduate – 500 euro per semester
  • Graduate – Minimum 650 euro per semester to 1000 above. (Fee varies by course and University).
  • 7000 – 12000 Euros Per year (Including living cost and Tuition Fee)
Financial Aid
Financial aid is available specialy for state or state-recognised universities and at non-university research institutes in Germany and DAAD offers limited number of scholarships for Graduate and Doctorate students.

Period of Work Permit for International students: Part time up to 4 hours per day or full time 90 days per year (Generally students are allowed full time work in Vacations).

Student can work more than permitted time by obtain a work permit from the local Employment Agency ( Agentur für Arbeit). Universities jobs are in demand they are quickly taken.

Importance of German Language
Learning German is very helpful to the students as most the German authorities and people like to speak in German language rather than English.
Published date : 21 Oct 2011 05:53PM

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