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Laplace Transform online course by Prof. Indrava Roy | IMSC

NPTEL is offering online course for undergraduate students in Laplace Transform.

About the course:
  • Laplace transform is a fundamental tool in integral calculus.
  • It is used to solve various types of differential equations, difference equations, integral equations etc., which arise naturally in engineering and basic sciences.
  • Laplace transform techniques are therefore very useful for applications in science and technology.

Course Layout:
  • Week 1: Introduction and basic definitions, with brief review of limits and Riemann integration, with special emphasis on improper Riemann integrals
  • Week 2: Functions of exponential order and existence theorem for Laplace transforms- with lots of examples and some non-examples; Properties of Laplace transforms with applications in computing them for various functions
  • Week 3: Inverse Laplace transforms, criteria for uniqueness, computation of inverse Laplace transform via various examples
  • Week 4: Applications of Laplace transform techniques for solving integrals, differential equations, difference equations, integral equations and integro-differential equations

Duration: 04 weeks

Enrollment Ends: September 21, 2020

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